Jackie Chan, Rambo and others acted blue film before they became famous (Shocking)

Almost everybody know the name Jackie Chan, he has starred in over 30 films and is recognized as a legend by many. Wealthy Gorrila estimates his networth at a whopping 400 million dollars, he is one of the world's richest actors. However, things weren't always rosy for the stuntman.

In 2006, news broke out that Jackie Chan was seen in a movie named All in the Family , the movie has was directed by Zhu Mu and starred Dean Shek, Tien Chun and Sammi Hung. The movie was released in 1975 and when the news broke out in 2006, Jackie Chan had no choice but to come out and openly accept the fact that he starred in the movie.

This were his exact words;

Sylvester Stallone up

Sylvester Stallone is inarguably one the greatest action film of our generation. He is currently worth 400 million dollars, but before he made so much money he was very broke. He even starred in a movie titled 'The Party at Kitty and Stud's.'

Sylvester Stallone openly said that he was so broke that he didn't have a place to stay or sleep. When he saw the role, he had no choice but to take it. He said either that or stealing and he rather did that. He was paid 200 dollars for two days. This were his exact words

Luckily for Sylvester Stallone, his big break came 6 years later after he starred as Rocky in the Rocky Franchise and became an international sensation. The movie won two Oscars and catapulted Stallone into the international scene.

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