See the Only African Country with no Case of Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of corona virus in early march the world has been in great panic as numbers of confirmed cases are on the increase globally thereby forcing some nations to declare a total lock down.

While the world is yet to know the cause nor cure of this deadly virus, thousands of people has already lost their lives while more are being quarantined in different places around the world.

Scientists are doing all they can to find a cure and the world powers has been very desperate to protect their citizens during these unpleasant time, but there is this great nation located in the continent of Africa that is yet to record any case of corona virus and that great nation is burundi.

Yes as it stands Burundi is the only african country with zero case of corona virus, when the minister of health was asked questions on why the country is yet to have any case of covid-19 he simply said, its because we Don't have the testing kits.

While these may sound funny to the ear' it is worthy to note that no persons or nations are immune to this deadly virus but it can be prevented by simply following the advise of the medical experts and also that of the government, maintain social distancing, stay indoor and stay safe!