Edo Agbero turns their job into unlawful extortion from motorists

Agbero in oba market ring road Benin city ( orogota precisely). Has turn their job into unlawful extortion from motorists.

Source reported to our correspondent that the Oredo revenue monitoring task force has turn that point to a home of extortion from motorists

From Source

Yesterday Sunday 16th Feb 2020, I went to Oba market to get chicken, I followed the Orogota and no sign to show that the place is one way drive

I parked at a place and entered the market and did my purchase peacefully,

Today I run out of stocks and wish to go back same place to replenish my foods

When I was passing, there was no sign post to show that the place is one way, also other vehicles are moving in and out of the place.

As I trafficate to my right to hit the same route I applied yesterday,

Three (3) men on mufti pulled out from no where and ask if I want to park I said yes, they directed me to park at their garage so I followed their instructions and park.

Before I know what's going on they chained my tyres and ask me to step down of my car,

I did as instructed

They said, please follow us to the beginning of the road where I turned.

Getting there I saw a sign board (Stay off one way)

They said they are charging me for applying one way,

I pleaded with them saying I didn't see the sign even yesterday I applied the route

They formed deaf ears and said if I don't want to pay the #40,000 Forty thousand naira for mobile court I should give them 25,000 or they are going to deflect my tyres

I pleaded 5000 the refused until will arrived at 10,000 Ten Thousand Naira

I handed it over to them,

When I asked for receipt they said there's no receipt for they are doing me favour against tomorrow