Police Brutalize man for blocking their van with his G-Wagon at Douglas Owerri

There was rage and confusion this evening at Douglas road in Owerri, Imo State as policemen clashed with man on a busy traffic.

According to an eyewitness who furnished us with a clip of the incident, he wrote;

So there was traffic on this road (Douglas) and the police people wanted to pass then a G&Wagon was in front of them, so they told the driver of the car to shift so they could pass which he couldn't because of the traffic.

They kept shouting that he should shift and he shouted back at them, telling them that he can't because of the traffic. So they came down and started flogging the driver like really bad.

In the process of flogging the driver, the owner of the G-Wagon came down and started shouting at the policeman that why would they be flogging his driver like that and all.

These policemen still continued flogging the driver until he held the cane, pushed them back and then started shouting at them, stating that they didn't have any right to flog him like that because he wasn't wrong in any way.

Everyone here stood out for the guy, shouting back at the police men.