'danfo'' Driver Graduates With A First Class From The University

A bus driver identified as Jacob Semekor Mordzifa, has become the latest internet sensation and a point of reference to many as he graduates with a 1st class in Geography and Resource Development, at the University of Ghana after he obtained a final grade point average (FGPA) of 3.91. Jacob was the center of attraction at the convocation ceremony of the university as he was named as one of the best graduating students at the University of Ghana.

A visible happy Jacob narrated his story, on how he was unable to enroll at the university when he first gained admission in 2005 due to financial constrains. He opted to driving a commercial car out of necessity to make ends meet and then save towards furthering his education. He later gained Admission in 2015 and was determined to be a decorated academic and astute lecturer, hence took his studies seriously.

It is worthy to note that, despite getting married in 2017 in the middle of his university education, the young man didn’t allow family and its issues to distort his dream. Congratulations to him.