Why Davido Is Not The Actual Father Of Chioma's Child yet

I met a man who I had a little discussion with and he said.

According to the Igbo traditions, if you do not marry the woman and make her your wife. Any child that comes out from that union belongs to the Grandfather... The mother's father.

I want to bring this up now, I want us to discuss this because at the end of the day. Davido will wake up one day and realize that, the child is claiming his Igbo name, prefers Igbo food and will never want to Dobale for his elders.

The igbos have as much claim to that boy than the yorubas.

This is tradition and as long as it isn't spoken in public, it will be acted upon.
This is one of the disadvantage of having an Igbo as a baby mama.

Let us be truthful to ourselves, Money apart.

Davido is not the real father to Chioma's baby yet.

I've been using Chioma's baby because that's what the igbos keep calling the baby and I want it to stop.

The truth is Davido has no baby yet.