Gratitude: Birthday Celebrant Sends Appreciation Message To Elitism6

As we continue reaching out to lives in our very capacity, one of our free gifting birthday beneficiaries (Name Withheld) has sent out a heart warming gratitude message to the media house as a token for the role we played during the birthday celebration. 

Just as in the bible, not all the virgins returned to say Thank you to Jesus but the case is slight different here. 

The appreciation message reads in part:

To God who made it possible and is still making it possible, THANK YOU. 
May I use this opportunity to appreciate all my friends and well wishers who in one way or the other to celebrated me. 
Special shout out to Elijah and the whole family of Elitism6 for the special graphic design. You people are best. May more customers continue to patronize you people. Amen.