Comment and Win Ember Promo is here again

Comment and Win Ember Promo is here again

Your darling platform E6 with over 10k daily visitors is giving out free amazing and fantastic prizes to our loyal fans, pro-elites and esteemed clients as part of our way of reciprocating to the society throughout this Ember month. 


1. Visit the website

2. Drop a comment on any post (creative comment)

3. Screenshot your comment and send as a WhatsApp message to 08140968432 

4. Share the post you commented on Facebook with hashtag #elitism6

5. Congratulations, You're automatically in for free airtime of your choice network or launch at Rennys fast food or a free photo shooting season. 

NB: Comment must be creative to qualify and while commenting, please do not use the anonymous option. 

All feed back, responses and enquiries should be directed to as we are poised to giving you the best.

Warm regards and compliment of the season.


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