Toddler survives fall from sixth floor of building

A three-year-old boy in China fell from the sixth floor of an apartment building.

A group of neighbours, however, rallied to save the toddler, using blankets to break the child’s fall.

The toddler, who had been left home sleeping while his grandmother went out to buy groceries, woke up and wandered out onto the sixth-floor balcony and climbed onto an outdoor sink before slipping over the glass railing, reports Daily Mail.

In the tense video captured by a neighbour, the child was seen clinging to the building, legs dangling in a futile attempt to hold on.

Other neighbours, who also witnessed the scene were quick to react, grabbing two blankets and holding it below the toddler as a makeshift netting.

A security guard close to the apartment building said that the child was holding on for nearly four minutes before eventually dropping, his fall cushioned by the crowd who had gathered below.

“He was kicking and trying to climb up. He managed to lift himself a little bit but then slid back down again,” one neighbour described.

The boy’s grandmother was later reunited with the child, and although reportedly unharmed, his parents took him to the hospital.