IMSU SUG Election Date Postponed

This is to inform all and sundry, from the student community to members of the general public that Imo state University SUG election earlier slated Friday 9th August has been adjusted to Friday 16th August 2019.

This became necessary following the annual Alumni home coming slated for same 9th August. 

To this back drop, sales of form into various positions of the SUG (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) continues till 6pm of Tuesday August 6th. 

Please accept the esteemed assurance of our compliment towards the conduct of a free, fair and transparent polls. 

All inconveniences are deeply regretted and please be guided accordingly. 

NB: A compulsory briefing of all aspirants who have  purchased forms, and gone through SEC screening is slated Friday 2nd Aug, 10am @Star House.

Below is the election timetable as amended

August 1st (Thursday) - Continuation of sales of form. 
August 6th (Tuesday) - End of form sales and submissions. 6pm

August 7th ( Wednesday) - Internal Joint sec screening ( comprising of Legislation and Judiciary). 8am

August 8th ( Thursday) - Internal Security Screening ( CSO, Admission and Management).

August 9th ( Friday) - DSS screening. 

August 14th ( Wednesday) - Union executive debate. 12pm

August 15th (Thursday) - Rally 8am to 11am. 
Manifesto 12pm to 2pm (immediately after the Manifesto, ends campaign). 

August 16th (Friday) - SUG election proper 8am to 2pm

Ekeoma C. George 

Ejiofor Charles 


© Imsu Elijah