Facts about Premarital sex you should know (A MUST READ)

Since the day I became deflowered, I have been unable to resist s*x and I have lost count of the number of men I have slept with. I have been reading your articles with tears in my eyes, cursing the day I was born. Aunty Temi, I’m always ashamed of myself each time I read any write-up discussing virginity. I feel like giving up on life because I know God has left me, I don’t know what to do. I need your help please!
Anonymous, 18
Dear Mummy,

At age 17, about five guys have r*ped me and I was unable to do anything about it! Right now, it’s getting out of hand such that anytime I get into a relationship, after a week, the guy will surely sleep with me and I’m not happy about this. I read your articles in the Saturday Punch newspaper and believe you can advise me and help me out of this situation.

And the replies...
My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,
Hmm…sigh, as usual, I’m shaking my head in pity for an ignorant self-destructive generation! When I tell you that keeping away from premarital s*x preserves your beautiful destiny and saves you a lot of problems in future; I know what I’m talking about!
When I keep emphasising on the folly of too many people in the world who daily load themselves with legion of demons, strange and evil spirits through transference of spirits from multiple s*x partners they will never meet till Jesus comes, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! The scripture, which tells us to flee from all appearances of evil, knows what it is saying because that which you consider one little sin which you believe God will forgive instantly as soon as you ask for forgiveness, is what is sinking a lot of destinies !

To start with, I must empathise with 17-year-old D.17, who has been r*ped several times! R*pe is one of the worst crimes of humanity. I really wonder and can’t explain how a young girl can be r*ped five times by five different guys. How I wish she spoke out immediately after the first incident and how I wish she had some evidence to nail these guys for the crime. It’s very unfortunate that things are spiralling out of control as far as her morality and values are concerned because I don’t know why she’s still getting into relationships at such a young age! SHE HAS LOST FOCUS! She does not only need professional help now, she also needs the touch of God as her spirit has sadly gone vile!

Girls…girls…girls…the very first s*xual inter-course you have and in fact, every other carries a heavy weight and is highly significant in the spiritual realm. S*xual inter-course opens up the gate of your spiritual life, which is your real life. And if it was against God’s wish (outside marriage), it would not only disrupt your life’s divine settings and easily push you out of God’s divine agenda, it would also open up your life to demonic invasion ! We all are possessed with good and bad spirits. There are so many people who are sleeping around with people who are carrying ancient ancestral curses, ill-luck, strange spirits and demons resident in the family, such as insanity, anger, lust, poverty, untimely death, stagnation, etc. These spirits project hardship, backwardness, humiliating experiences, lack of helpers, missed opportunities, rejection and so much more into lives they’re transferred into through sexual intercourse.

Why would anyone ever take such a risk and open up their life for a few minutes of pleasure that could ensure they experience hell on earth till eternity? THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER! If you feel life’s good for your s*xual partner and that he has all the money in the world, what about the other people he has slept with? Hmm…how can you bombard your life with different strange spirits and think all will go well with your destiny ? Perhaps, these girls above can’t resist every guy that comes their way because they have had the spirit of lust transferred into their lives! They are so confused right now and helpless! How many guys would they have slept with by the time they are 25? Could their lives ever remain the same, especially if the stupid, bad, devil eventually succeeds in pushing them out of God’s divine agenda for their lives?
My darling Anonymous and D.17,
Believe me; you both need a complete spiritual deliverance to start with! Stop crying in self-pity and stop feeling ashamed! The more you entertain dark moods, the more difficult it will be for the light of God to shine in your way and uproot every strange spirit that has held you bondage! God is quick to help you if you can resist the devil and draw close to Him. At Girls Club, we usually attack issues like this from the spiritual angle and God in us will assist you. May the fire of God purge every girl out there being manipulated by strange spirits in Jesus’ mighty name!

by Temilolu Okeowo