Owerri Based Blogger Slams Cubana Chief Priest For appearing Too Casual During Davido's Visit to Owerri

 Imo based blogger and media personality Dike Philip has called out Cubana Chief Priest and Nite Club business mogul Paschal Okechukwu for wearing a fancy slip-on while receiving Davido at the airport during his visit to Owerri with his Girlfriend Chioma.

The controversial Blogger who thinks the Nite life mogul should have appeared a bit more cooperate while on official business. took to his Facebook to slam him.
While some agreed with him many slammed him for being to nosy and not minding his business whilst reminding him that Cubana Chief Priest is a rich guy and can afford anything he so desires.

Below is what he wrote.
I wonder why a full grown man will be walking about with slippers, especially on official business

Below are people's  reaction to the post

Amadioha Ikpahurudike Mgbee

This ain't called for!
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Chris Lar

What is your business in what one chose to wear for his business
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Nneka Nwokoro Onuwa

Nawaooooo, we too dey talk about issues of less important. What is my biz with what someone decides to wear for him own body. Abeg stop this your busy body and get busy. Abi the slippers na sin again?. Bcos everything na sin for naija
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Okala Chigozie

ocho okwu one of Africa
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Dike Philip Chijioke

OK, slippers is a thing for celebrities, I dun learn.
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Franklin Chigozie Odika

I don't know when you have sense..
What is your business with what he wears and how he dress??

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Valentine Udodiri


The cost of that slippers can pay for............ lemme come and be going
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Victor Ikechi Obiefule

See wahala you no wear slip on which is slippers to see some people
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Prosper Erem

What's wrong with the slippers?
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Okey C. Onuchukwu

Dike Philip Chijioke why na?... stop this pettiness please
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Stephanie Anselem

Chief priest of Cubana na him you dey follow talk??? LMAO my brother that guy is money so if he likes let him wear Dunlop. Shift first
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Ben Alaegbu

Dike Philip Chijioke , these guys got brand. Dressing for them is all about label & cost & not about what you thinking.
Etiquette dressing no dey put money for bank.
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Awurum Darlington

I just de shame for that my man and this post.
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Jesse Ifeanyi Obimma

Dis table u just shook
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