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Snakes represent primal energy, so you should pay attention to where you get your energy from and what you use it for if you see these animals in your life. Snakes also represent healing powers, so you should take this a sign to look at your own natural abilities as strengthen them as you see fit.
Snakes also represent spiritual guidance, and can direct you to discover yourself further on your journey. They signal a time of transition and growth, and offer abundant amounts of knowledge and cosmic wisdom to help you along your path. This animal will appear as you take steps into unknown territory, and can also remind you to stay grounded as you keep making changes, as the snake lives close to the ground. As we transition in life, we must remember to keep our energy grounded and stable in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you see snakes in your dreams, this means the universe wants you to examine parts of your life that may need attention, and oftentimes, the dreams might seem disturbing due to the strong energy associated with the snake. However, such dreams can serve as the catalyst to ignite your dreams and transform your life, so don’t discount the dreams just because of the negativity that might be present.
The dreams might have positivity to them as well, but no matter the energy present, make sure you examine the meaning and delve deeply into what it could signify for your life. Basically, snakes appear in your dreams to show you the poisonous parts of your life that need to be drained away in order for you to live your best life. If you have a dream of a snake chasing you, this might mean that you need to look at the relationships in your life and see if you’ve swept any issues underneath the rug. If you have, then the issues will keep chasing after you until you address them. Furthermore, if you have a dream of a snake biting or attacking you, this means you just need to use extra care in your life.
Use the snake’s energy whenever you feel you need spiritual guidance or need extra grounding energy. Also, snakes can help you during times of transition, so make sure to call on this beautifully powerful creature whenever you need an extra boost of energy. Snakes can provide you with the strength and guidance you need during difficult times, and invite you to examine situations in your life to see how you can better approach them.