Aftremath Of Iriji: Mbaise Monarchs Divided, Ezurezu Mbaise Accuses Eze Leo Of Collecing Bribe To Confer Chieftaincy Title On Uche Nwosu As Journalist Alleges Threat To LIfe

The last of the trouble associated with last weeks chieftaincy title conferred on the chief of staff to the Imo state governor, Chief Uche Nwosu, by a section of traditional rulers from Mbaise at the 2018 Iriji Festival is yet to abate.
In the latest development, one of the groups strongly opposed to the conferement of the title to Nwosu, Ezuruezu Mbaise Global has not only resolved to call for the non recognition of the Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, but also asked that the Monarchs involved would lose requisite protocols and privileges as a traditional in Mbaise land.
The Ezuruezu Mbaise Global in a statement signed by not less 500 members while disclosing that henceforth the organization of the centralized Iriji Mbaise celebration will remain exclusively with Ndi Eze and Ezuruezu Mbaise, with appropriate protest accorded to Ndi Eze state that;
“Prelude to the 2018 Iri Ji celebration, a high powered MLF led Ezuruezu Mbaise Global delegation delivered a petition signed by about 1000 Umu Mbaise, from across the globe, to the two main factions of Ndi Eze Mbaise, namely the HRH Eze Alex Ike led “Ndi Eze Mbaise Cultural Association” and the Leo Nwokocha led “Mbaise Coucil of Traditional Rulers”. In the petition we observed that “Umu Mbaise, at home and in the Diaspora, has been shockingly and embarrassingly drawn to a circulating press release, purportedly issued from the Office of Mr. Uche Nwosu, Chief of Staff to Governor Rochas Okorocha, Imo State, and signed by one Mrs. Vivien Onwuka, with the title, “MBAISE NATION TO CONFER CHIEFTAINANCY TITLE ON UGWUMBA UCHE NWOSU”.
“The statement further claimed that: “The entire traditional rulers in the three Local Government Areas and ninety-one Autonomous Communities that make up the Mbaise Nation, have concluded arrangements to confer a reserved chieftaincy title on the Chief of Staff, Imo State Government House, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, during their new yam festival (Iriji Mbaise) which comes up on the 15th of August, 2018…This decision was communicated to the Chief of staff by the executive of the traditional rulers led by its Chairman, HRH Eze Leo Nwokocha…They solicted for his financial assistant to enable them achieve a well packaged event…”

“We posited that “while we want to believe that this statement may be fake, with the intent to smear our Traditional Rulers and indeed the Mbaise Nation as opportunistic and greedy, we have nevertheless resolved to be pre-emptive in strongly condemning it for its apparent connotation to ridicule.”

“We further averred that “while our people are not averse to recognizing worthy persons in our society, we wish to state clearly that the proposed candidate has neither been associated with any growth or development project anywhere in Mbaise, nor has made any investment or supported any foundation situated ANYWHERE in Mbaise. Therefore, he cannot be said to deserve Mbaise Community collective recognition or endorsement.”
“Against these observations we demanded that “we, the aforementioned parent body, and the representing citizens with appendaged signatures, therefore, call on Your Royal Highnesses of the Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, to immediately adopt a collective statement, disassociating yourselves from that press release, credited to Mr. Uche Nwosu’s office, which, without pretensions, is intended to humiliate the Mbaise Nation.”
“On receiving our petition and according to the submitted report of our delegation “Eze Leo Nwokocha thanked the delegation for the visit and assured us that the decision has since been made not to confer any title on Mr Uche Nwosu or any other candidate, and that he still stands by that.”
“Leo Nwokocha lied to us and by extention the Mbaise Nation- he did not “still stand by that”, as he and his facton- Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, went ahead to confer a sham “chieftaincy” title on Mr. Uche Nwosu on same Iri Ji Mbaise day.
Subsequent investigations have since revealed that the “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” does not exist by law, and may have served only the purpose of perpetrating fraud on unsuspecting victims, in the name of the Mbaise Nation.
Against this background we therefore, resolve that;
“     The “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” is a body neither recognized by customary nor civil law, and therefore falsely usurped its representation of the culture and values of the Mbaise Nation, including the reserved powers to confer legitimate traditional titles.
“     We hereby immediately cease all dealings, relationships with, and recognition of, this so called “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” as it is apparently illegal and fraudulently represents itself as an embodiment of Mbaise culture and values. We recommend that all other entities and individuals should do the same.
“     We will henceforth recommend to all entities and individuals to treat as rogue and non-custodians of our culture, and not accord any requisite protocols and privileges to those members of the fraudulent “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” who participated in the charade of conferring a sham “chieftaincy” title on Uche Nwosu, namely Leo Nwokocha, O.C Nwokocha, Joe Olekah, Waturuocha, G.O Obasi, B. Nwaneche, Onyekachi Ukpabi, Tony Nwanguma, Mike Nwamara, Thankgod Eleweogu, A.A.Anyanwu, Okechukwu Adiukwu, Ifeanyu Uwahemo and Mmadinobi.
“     The organization of the centralized Iri Ji Mbaise celebration will remain exclusively with Ndi Ezeji and Ezuruezu Mbaise, with appropriate protocol accorded Traditional Rulers.
We the undersigned humbly submit this resolution in support of our parent body Ezuruezu Mbaise and on behalf of the Mbaise Nation. So help us God!
Meanwhile, a foreign correspondent, Mr Casca Ohanele who is operating from the USA has alleged threat to the lives of members of his family.
In a statement he issued and made available to media correspondents , Mr Ohanele wrote
” In the past few days following the position of the entire Mbaise Nation represented by Ezuruezu Mbaise home and in Diaspora under tbe aeigis of Ezuruezu Global disassociating Mbaise in the Chieftaincy conferment on Uche Nwosu, the Chief of Staff to Gov. Rochas Okorocha by some renegade Ezes who were said to have collected money from the recipient, I have been receiving death threats from Eze Leo Nwokocha’s camp and agents of the Imo State Government for criticizing the monetary motivated conferment of an unmerited  tittle on somebody who has not contrinuted anything for the progress of Mbaise, using the name of the entire Mbaise people.
” I have nothing against any Eze giving a personal title to any of his friends or associates in his palace as any Nigerian is free to take any nick name in the name of title. It is still my position that Mbaise did not give any person any title in the name of Mbaise.
A journalist Mr Casca Ohanele working for Trumpeta Newspapers who  has been following the story from the onset has received death threat messages asking him to stay clear from the polititics surrounding the whole Saga and desist from reporting follow up events.
According to Casca this was sent to him: “CASCA,stay clear from Chieftaincy title given given to Uche Nwosu.Don’t write anything against Eze Leo. Let every thing be a by gone. Some of things I heard against you ,You have sons ,mother and siblings in Nigeria. Anything that happens to one of your family members will  shock you. 
Thanks. By my advice.”
Following the threat erudite journalist released a statement re-affirming his firm stand on reporting issues concerning the political atmosphere of the state and woul not be dettered by any one.

Below is what he wrote

“I am Casca Ohanele,  fmr Sub- Editor Politics, Leadership Newspaper Abuja, former News Editor, Trumpeta Newspaper, fmr,Columnist Whitepaper , Owerri and International Correspondent USA, Trumpeta Newspaper. The threats cannot deter me from standing against forces that are bent on destroying our culture or turning the people into political puns for material gains. Let the public know that my life and that of my family are in danger and should anything happens  to me or any member of my family, Eze Leo Nwokocha, CPS to the Imo State Government , Sam Onwuemeodo, Governor Rochas Okorocha and Uche Nwosu should be held responsible.
“Mbaise people will not be cowed by any group neither will any human being stop me from exercising my freedom of speech. We Ezuruezu Mbaise Global stand with majority of Mbaise people to say we, did not confer on Uche Nwosu any title. His claimed Ugwumba Oha Nile is a title he bought with Imo funds from few Ezes that are in need of the money to better their financial situation”

We will keep informing the general public the most recent developments as the events keep unfolding.

Source: Trumpeta Newspaper/Elitism6 Freelancers