See How N’Golo Kante Dressed To Cesc Fabrigas Wedding Celebration

World Cup winner and Chelsea midfielder, N’Golo Kante is a very modest, shy and simple guy who has no real flare for the ostentatious materials of the world despite his wealth.
He appeared in his usual casual dress mode at teammate Cesc Fabregas’ Post Wedding Celebration in Ibiza on Tuesday Night.

Kante stood out for his sartorial choice, which took the apparent smart-casual dress code to another level, but on the casual side.

The France midfielder wore an untucked white shirt, shorts and white trainers.

Fabregas tied the knot with Daniella Semaan in May, however the couple waited until the height of summer, and after the league season and World Cup to hold their celebratory bash.
It took place on the Balearic island.
Messi, Suarez, Henry others attended the wedding celebration