Monday, 18 June 2018

Lesbian Lovers Kicked Out Of Uber For Kissing And Touching In Back Seat

A lesbian couple was kicked out of their Uber ride by the driver because the girls were kissing each other in the back seat. Now the driver has been banned by Uber for being homophobic.

Alex Iovine and her girlfriend, Emma Pichl, were riding with the car service on Saturday evening, when they started smooching and snuggling in the back seat. The driver pulled over and told the girls to get out of the car, saying they were being “disrespectful.”

The girls recorded the incident and released a video that shows the driver’s name and license plate. During the argument, the couple threatened to call the police and have the driver fired.

Uber has removed the driver’s access to its app, saying it does not tolerate discrimination.

Blonde-haired lesbian Alex Iovine and her brunette lover, Emma Pichl, were riding in an Uber from a friend’s birthday party to another party in Manhattan on Saturday night. While in the back seat of the car, the girls leaned in and started kissing each other.

The driver, identified as Ahmad El Boutari, pulled the car over and told the kissing lesbians to get out of his car. “You can’t do this in the car,” El Boutari said. “It’s inappropriate.”

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