Friday, 31 March 2017

SAD NEWS! As Gunmen Kill Fresh Graduate Of Imo State University
Unidentified gunmen suspected to be cultists have shot and killed a fresh
graduate of political Science of the Imo State University, Owerri, early
hours of today, Thursday 30th March, 2017.

The victim, identified as Ndubueze Emeka Junior popularly called Jboy by
friends who hails from Amaigbo in Nwangele Local Government Area of
Imo State, was said to have been shot at a close range at Aladinma Area
of the university campus, popularly referred to as IMSU back gate when he
went to drop off a lady friend of his at around 8am within a Hostel
referred to as Davita.

Eyewitness account says the victim was driving to drop off his lady friend
at Aladinma students residential area through Okwuratta axis, when some
suspected cultists accosted him and shot him four times, leaving him on
the pool of his blood inside his car before zooming off the scene.
However, minutes after the sad incident that left the victim dead, men of
the Imo State Police formation arrived to secure the premises. They
quickly sealed off the arena and evacuated the lifeless body of the victim
currently deposited at Aladinma morgue, while his car and lady friend were taken to the police State for investigation into the circumstances leading to his death.

The victim, who is within his 20s of age and drives a camry car is said to
be the only son of his parents and, on graduation in 2016, necessary
documents has been put in place for him to travel to New York in weeks to
come before his untimely death.
Photos From Miss Diamond Nigeria Audition Held in Owerri, Sale of forms continues as other audition dates are announced.
As the grand finale of the much talked about Miss Diamond Nigeria approaches the wave is fast sweeping across the country as brands and companies keep identifying owing to the transparent nature  and how widely accepted it is in the pageant Industry.

Below are photos from the Owerri auditions held at House of Freeda along MCC road Owerri.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

IMSU security abandons duty to harass innocent students
 The back and forth unnecessary victimization of innocent students in the campus is gradually getting out of control.

Students of Imo state university owerri have shown concern over the manner members of anti-terrorism squad and men of imo state university security are reportedly harassing them over unnecessary issues as disclosed by Elijah Abumchukwu.
Students alleged that the soldiers who are paid to protect lives of students have abandoned their duties to public intimidation of unarmed students whose freedom of movement is guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.

Series of harassment case at the campus main entrance, back gate, extension entrance are making  innocent students become unrest,  just recently at extension gate of the university, unarmed female student was ma-treated, brutalized and taken into custody because she was running late for an examination and gave deaf ears  to calling of the security details. In a similar case, two female students were also unnecessarily harassed for putting on shorts by same men of the anti-terrorism squad at the university main gate.
Without any recent successful arrest of those actually perpetuating evil in the university environs and in the various student alliances, the men of the anti-terrorism squad have recorded huge successes in the violation of the fundamental human rights of the greatest Nigerian students which should not be so.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Cooking Practice: Checkout IMSU Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Cook Okro Soup
That was how one fine looking, tall and fair girl in the School hostel, friendship hostel, aladinma was practicing how to cook Okro soup and ended up preparing Oil and Salt admist first semester examination period.

So me I was just on my own in the hostel, a friends room though, well there were two other girls there, One was the student and the other the tutor, for obvious reasons, names withheld.

Guess what she was learning, how to prepare Okro Soup.

So the tutor was sitting on a Chair like Mummy General Overseer overseeing an obviously first time soup preparation, giving instructions and directions.

The student learner, with the innocence of a Lagos born over buttered girl asked, shey if I put the Okro and Ugu, the oil will reduce?.

Ehe add the Ogbono.
Don't add too much water.

The girl with every sense of humility was heeding to the instructions.

From the aroma I perceived, the soup will be rich with "blockades" and the rest.

Finally they were done,
Ask me how I knew there was Salt, She tasted it herself now and now called her friends to bring plate and share in the Salt.

This was a huge embarrassment for her.  please for the females, swallow your pride and Learn how to cook now and save yourself future embarrassment.

WARNING: be careful, salt and red oil are two expensive commodities in the market currently. 


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

2019: Imo First Lady Joins Race For Orlu Senate Seat

Wife of the Imo State governor, Mrs. Nkechi Rochas Okorocha will run for the Imo West Senatorial seat come 2019.

This was even as her husband, Owelle Rochas Okorocha told journalists recently that there was every 70 percent chance that he was not going to run for senatorial election in 2019 and that his wife would be the most appropriate person to succeed him as the governor of Imo State if it would be possible because of her milk of human kindness.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Walawala Controversy: Sauw Blaze Drops Hint On Upcoming Single
Singer Unabunwa Samuel Chizoba Wesley aka Sauw Blaze has started clearing the air on his upcoming single titled ‘Walawala’.
The singer who  refused to let controversies spring up on the title of the song said it simply means prosperity, hinting his fans around the world that the song is for hustlers.
Walawala which featured Trez Lupe, is to be released ahead of a new campaign in the career of the artiste having seen relative success in his debut album which was released last year as he looks at building something new from it.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Here are photos of the baby and lady alleged to be Davido's third baby mama (full gist)
Photos of  Ayotomide Labinjo, the lady alleged to be Davido’s third babymama has surfaced. Ayotomide is alleged to be the mother of Davido's three year old daughter,which has sparked controversy on social media.

In her exclusive interview with The Punch, Ayotomide disclosed that she met the Nigerian singer in an Ibadan club in February of 2013, they had a brief affair which fell apart after she told him she was pregnant.

“When I told him I was pregnant at the end of March 2013, he said I should keep it but the following morning, he blocked me from his
Blackberry Messenger list. I could not reach him throughout the period I was pregnant. On each of the days we met in Ibadan, he had a police and three body guards with him.

Friday, 17 March 2017

She was dressed in her white ballerina dress, her dark hair danced lightly on her shoulder, her eyes twinkling exuberantly, even the moon could not compare to the glowing in her eyes....."She’s so in love" one of her numerous spectators exclaimed longingly. "Awwwwwn I wish I were in her shoes” her right hand maiden whispered giving her the lady's wink. She was clearly lost In her fairy tale world, only that this time it was reality, gracing the occasion like never before, adorning the dance hall benevolently with her dignity, her moves impeccable, she didn't miss a step, never stepped on her dance partner's feet. Her dance partner! Oh, her dance partner, her rosy petal, her omiha ...what words could voice out her heart and what she felt for him. *** The king was obviously held captive by its tresses, He looked straight into her dilated pupils, and she loved Him; that much was obvious. He filled her world. She wasn't a good dancer but she practiced till her toes hurt, she didn't want to disappoint Him, didn't want them to disappoint the world. She wanted the world to know she was His, and they knew; only He wasn't sure she knew. The music was still slow but her steps were getting faster, twice she stepped on His feet, "sorry" she smiled politely but her eyes were far from Him. She was bored, He could tell from her impatient mannerisms that she was tired, tired of trying to please the world, to live up to a certain ridiculous expectation. He walked off to change the song just for her. Did she think He left her hanging? Of course not. She was already swirling in the arms of another, dancing with the same flexibility. She threw Him a glance and that was all. He knew what the excuse will be this time "you left me for another". He had had enough. He strolled purposefully to the lowly drenched looking slave dressed in the most impure improper outfit "May I?” He smiled at her. "Sure" she replied only too glad to have a King beckon her and now He was dancing with another like she feared. Yet, she wasn't replaced, she can't be. * * * What was she thinking? Dancing with a stranger dressed in black, she looked around, and there was no one, no cheering, and no admiration since she exchanged her white pure dress for a matching colour with her new partner. Her ex-partner on the other hand seemed to attract the world with His bride. She felt a surge of jealousy as she watched Him, she tried to ignore, tried to focus on her new partner but the dance was getting slack to her, her toe was hurting, she felt sour and her eyes were spinning. She tried to slow down but he wouldn't let her, she wanted to leave but He held her firmly. "Stop" she gasped, but he wasn't listening, his fingers eating deep into her skin. This dance was hurtful. "Stop" she yelled, but no one was coming to her rescue, one frustrating glance around made her aware they were alone, she had been so caught up in her mind, she hadn't noticed she was far from the dance hall, far from the King, far from home, alone with this stranger in a strange place. She felt dizzy now, she wanted to collapse. He finally let her go but she was too weak and she knew not where she was. He knew that, he was loosening his belt. "What are you doing?" she asked weakly, rhetorically as she fell flat on the ground. She knew he wanted to rob her of what was left of her, her purity. * * * The dance was smooth, He just announced His new partner and already she had the crowd even with her eyes firmly fixed on Him and only Him. Her moves were pleasing. However, He was perturbed; His ex-partner (what she will call herself, although she was still very much His) was no longer in the dance hall. He scanned through for her but she was nowhere to be found. He looked at His new partner, her face glowing with gratitude, she was new, and set free....He took a bow. He had to get to her, where did she go? Where did he take her? His pulse raced, hadn’t she just betrayed Him again? He could turn back now, but who will come back for her? He knew no one will. She isn't very much loved but she's His queen, His heart. Her face danced before Him, her smile, her eyes, her innocence, He went after her. Like a lion, He flared up when He saw the scene; He got there just in time, what was that junk trying to do. "Whoop" was the only sound heard as He descended on him and rescued His bride. * * * "Omiha!" she exclaimed, relieved at the sight of Him, she was weak and one look at her eyes, He could tell they were still lit, but with tears. He cupped his hands around her face gently as she whispered her favourite punch line "Am sorry". This time He knew she meant it. "Dance with me" He motioned her with His chin. "Dance?" She protested weakly, looking confused, she couldn't even stand straight. He knew that, but she didn't understand Him. He never liked the showy flexible dance; He wanted her in His arms, clinging to Him tightly as her only support, not her spectator. He wanted her face glued to His and only His. He wanted her head resting firmly on His shoulders. Most of all, He wanted them alone, no third party, no spectators, no observers or fault- finders that she so desperately wanted to prove wrong. He wanted the dance slower.............curtains fall. Dear readers, don't be carried away by the excessive romance, I'm just a hopeless romantic. In reality, that's my love relationship with Christ. So bring your head down. Lol. Anyway thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and I hope it spurs you up into deeper intimacy with God. Written by; © ROLI HAZEL (

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Apostle Suleman Gate: See the Questionable Luxurious Lifestyle of Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke in Pictures
Being fingered in the chilling s*x scandal that has dragged popular cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman in the mud might be a challenging time for Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke as she struggles to clear her name.
Daniella Okeke
Daniella Okeke, a 29 year old light-skinned actress from Imo State, Nigeria boasts of an enviable life of possibilities and luxury without a consequential occupation.
Miss Okeke, single remains a scarce face in Nollywood blockbuster movies as she seems to be well featured in mostly unreleased films in Nigeria.

Monday, 13 March 2017

130 million a month , Davido responds HushPupp and he is not sounding friendly at all (Screenshots)
  • Ray had thrown a sub at Davido and his crew with a series of snaps.
Davido posted a receipt of N130m he says was spent in a month alone.
The Snapchat battle between singer, Davido and Malaysian-Lagos big boy, Ray HushPuppi is still on as both pals are still trading shots while using their Snaps.
In case you missed it, over the weekend HushPuppi spent over N11m while partying at popular night club, Quilox.
However, he threw some subliminal Davido’s way having posted some cryptic messages on Snapchat saying he’s wealthy and not known for spending his father’s money.

Photos: Herbalist Lands In Hospital With Several Gunshot Wounds After His Voodoo Bulletproof Failed (Must See)

A renowned fetish priest is currently nursing a gunshot wound at the Sunyani Government Hospital in the Brong Ahafo region in a bid to test his supernatural powers.
Desmond aka Nana Tolofasito who believed he had fortified himself against gunshots asked someone to try shooting him with a single barrel gun but the result saw the fetish priest land on the ground and bleeding copiously after he was shot at close range on his chest.

Graphic Photos: Imsu student gunned down last night by robbers aroun Aladinma student hostel axis
An IMSU student has been allegedly shot dead after robbers attacked Obama hostel at IMSU back gate.

As shared by Vitalis Nduji he wrote "Aladinma Owerri popularly known as Imsu bank gate is at it again... This young man lost his life this night(Last Night).... Robbers attacked Obama hostel... Shot him
Just yesterday some security men caught some guys with guns at item Street ikenegbu... I was really impressed with the intelligence of those Prison officers...
My people let's be careful... Once they ask of your phone... My brother, My sister give it to them for peace to reign... Onye di ndu will buy another phone. .
Also in a chat with a concerned student Kaire Oluwa who gathered some information about the incident said the student was shot after he resisted and dragged his phone with the hoodlums when they  tried to collect it.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

See what Apostle Suleman and wife were seen doing amidst extramarital affair scandal (photos)

Founder of Omega Fire Ministry church,
Apostle Johnson Suleman and his wife, Lizy
Suleman, have been captured on camera
dancing joyfully in church amidst
extramarital affair scandal.

A Canadian-based musician, Stephanie Otobo
accused Apostle Johnson Suleman of
impregnating and dumping her. Since then
more details of the alleged scandal have

However, Suleman has maintained his
innocence and denied all allegations against
World Wide Web (www) marks 28yrs existence

As the World Wide Web (www) marks its 28years
in existence, its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee
says that the web has lived up to its vision.

Berners-Lee said in a statement on Sunday in
Lagos that March 12 marked 28 years since he
submitted his original proposal for the web.
Oyo govt to prosecute herdsmen with guns, extreme religious preachers
Oyo State Government has warned herdsmen
operating in the state to desist from carrying guns
and other dangerous weapons.

The government gave the warning in a communiqué
issued at the end of the State Inter-Religious/Ethnic
Committee (OYSIREC) meeting in Ibadan on Sunday.

According to the communiqué, any herdsman
caught with guns and dangerous weapons would be
treated as criminals and prosecuted accordingly.

OYSIREC was inaugurated by Gov. Abiola Ajimobi of
Oyo state on March 9, in Ibadan.

The committee comprised religious, ethnic and
community leaders as well as security agents and it
is to proffer solutions to ethnic and religious
conflicts in the state.
THE HUSTLE IS REAL!!!!! Grand ma caught with Cocaine while Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
A fifty-seven year-old grandmother, and textile merchant at Balogun market in Lagos, who was travelling to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage, has been arrested with cocaine concealed in her luggage, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said in a statement on Saturday.
Odeyemi Omolara Morayo who claimed to be going on a pilgrimage to Jedda, Saudi Arabia had all the paraphernalia of a pilgrim save for the narcotic content of her luggage, said NDLEA spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju.
Mysterious healing water reportedly drops from Divine Mercy statue In Amichi (Photos)

Alleged miraculous drops of water from the jaw of the Divine Mercy statue have been spotted in Amichi, Anambra state. Here's the story as shared by Facebook user, Chidi Wazinga Ilechukwu:
'At first I was reluctant sharing these pictures online. It took me and some priests days to asertain this miraculous drop of water from the jaw of the Divine Mercy statue. 
Since Ash Wednesday up until this moment, there has been an unfathomable dropping of water even at the hottest heat of the sun. Go to Jesus and Mary Adoration ground Amichi and see for yourself.
 I observed that the drop comes out and hang without dropping on the ground. When you wipe it and stand to see another come out and from where it will come out, I bet you, you will stand till "thy kingdom come" and nothing will come out. But if you move a little
distance away from the Statue and come back, you will still see a drop. People are confirming its healing power.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

I did not touch TBoss inappropriately - Kemen speaks

Kemen who was unceremoniously
disqualified from Big Brother Naija after he
molested another housemate TBoss
apologized to his fans and other people who
were disappointed in him.

He also said she acted under pressure because
she was just playing the game and he hopes
that when she leaves the house, she would
speak the truth about what really happened.

Asked if he thought TBoss should have
defended him during his diary session after the
act, Kemen answered: "if she had the
opportunity to say the truth and to defend me,
she would have."

Friday, 10 March 2017

Photos: 5 Nigerians you never knew that won Grammy.
Incase you don’t know.. Some Nigerians have made the Country proud by Winning the Biggest Award in Music.
Here is the list showing the 5 Nigerians who have won the Grammy Awards [Check them Out].

1. Chamillionaire

Also known as Hakeem Seriki, is an American rapper and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. He is the CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment.
Chamillionaire was also the founder and an original member of The Color Changin’ Click until the group split in 2005.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

IMO 2019: You can't decide who succeeds you, you are not God Owunna tells Okorocha

One interesting scenario that makes Nigerian General Elections interesting is that of Imo state especially Gubernatorial  and Senatorial elections. This can be seen in the recent burst in which the governor of the state stated no one above 50 will succeed him come 2019. Which did not go down well with some political stakeholders.

Hon. Greg Owuamanam, factional chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Imo State Chapter has lampooned the Governor Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha over his recent statement that nobody over the age of 50 years will succeed him in Douglas House comes 2019 describing it as most unfortunate and intangible.
Before you give up on Pageantry, try Miss Diamond Nigeria and thank me later. (Photos and Details)

Are you tired of Pageant lies, Money for crown, Sex for crown and Industry humiliation? well it is time for you to let go of those worries and shine like a queen that you are. That is why after good convincing we bring to you Miss Diamond Nigeria a No-Bikini pageantry after studying the industry well and noticing the humiliation and lies aspiring beauty Queens go through in Pageantry, Miss Diamond Nigeria has been organised to bring solace and bring out the beauty and intelligence in you without you compromising in any way. 
The discourse of the concept of feminism flared rapidly in recent times with many writers and analysts holding copyright maces to lengthy screeds on the issue, even to such extent, some may see this article as an attempt to dig up an empty mine. Certain enough, with the fire of feminism on every rafter, different self-styled feminist-warriors hug different brands of it. In no small way, this has led to a dire misunderstanding of it. Irrespective of these divergences of views, one thing is certain the movement preaches twin tenets, which are actually two palms clasped in embrace; equality and equity. This article is not an attempt to pillory any view on the subject but to make the most unbiased view on feminism more pellucid. The meaning of the concept is pretty straight forward but there is no refuting the obvious truth that most recently, the concept has been hijacked by live-hard extremists. These ones have created a hypertensive extension of the concept into every facet of known life, pushing this term from its stellar sitting to mere female-chauvinism. Consequent on this, on some levels, you won’t blame the general hatred the generality of males have for the concept itself and its fire bearing messiahs. In addition to extremism, some persons are still mistaken as to the boundaries of this concept and what it portends. These persons extend it to explain traditional quixotic tendencies. I still remember when my family went to spend some time in Ebonyi State with an Uncle Peter and his family. We got to Uncle Peter’s house in Afikpo without any hassle and were given a warm welcome. His wife wasn’t around and he explained she had gone to visit her mother at Uwana. “Bring a bottle of wine from the kitchen” he instructed one of his daughters - Uncle Peter has five daughters and a son. His daughter Ife brought wine and glasses which she placed on the table . . . and left. “You are the first son?” Uncle Peter turned to me. I nodded. “I would have asked you to take priority or serve your father first but no, serve the ladies first” he said. I wondered why. It felt odd serving my sisters before Dad. “You know why I asked you to serve the ladies first?” Uncle Peter asked me after I had finished serving my family. “No. Please tell me” I said, trying hard not to sound churlish. “Feminism” he said confidently. “I know you must have heard of the word. Let’s give equal rights to women. Allow them come first in certain things” Uncle Peter said. I was thoroughly abased by shock when he spilled these out. To my mind, it was axiomatically out of place. So serving drinks to my sisters first before my father was in line with giving equal rights to women? So putting ladies first in certain things aligned with the ideals of the movement of feminism okwaya? Was this not an unconscious slip towards female chauvinism on Uncle Peter’s part? Respectfully speaking, I saw another ‘Uncle Peter’ on campus. There was this time when shuttle services within school were not available, only drops. So one morning, I was late for a class and ran to a red Audi vehicle in a bid to get a drop. The driver, a bald, dark, compact man stood by the side of his vehicle and I walked up to him. “Life science” I said to him. “Oga I no de go” he said in pidgin. I shrugged and walked to another vehicle. But then, something got me really piqued. A pretty girl walked towards the same cabby who had just turned me down. “Life science, I’m going to Life science” she said sweetly. “Enter let’s go” the cabby said. I was shocked. The same man who had just turned me down was about to ferry a pretty lady going in the same destination as I. I walked up to him immediately. “I thought you said you were not working?” my tone was irascible “Why did you agree to drop her?” He didn’t mutter a sound. He simply stared through his windscreen while the pretty girl got into the car. I was quite incredulous. Here I was, quite late for an important class and this man just rolled some stones of delay unto my path. It was not until the lady settled in that he looked at me. “Ladies first” he smiled and drove off. I hissed and shook my head in bewilderment. Someone tapped me from behind. It was a student. “Maybe he’s a feminist” he said. “This can’t be feminism” I said snappily. A lot of things like these go on in the society and we somehow, ignorantly kick them under the all-encompassing carpet of feminism. Of the two illustrations above, Uncle Peter’s case, more or less describes a gentleman’s approach to women and nothing more; a spin-off of the 19th and 20th century take-your-hat-off-and-bow-to-the-ladies European trend. On the latter case, well, it is either he had his innocent reasons, clandestine personal intentions as do most employers or he has a crazily twisted comprehension of what feminism portends. It is misplaced perceptions such as these that give rise to ugly brain children on the term in the society, for instance, the slide towards female chauvinism. Chauvinism has everything to do with giving preference to one gender over another. This does not preach equality in any form. On feminism proper, there are those who believe generally, that the concept of equality among the sexes is a concoction from dreamland that can never be actualized. Among these persons, is friend of mine, who in the folds of our discussions on the topic would draw positions on the issue that would send feminists today, covering their ears screaming ‘blasphemy’! In more ways than one, his position looks quite valid and accurate. According to him, “whether we like it or not, the genders can never be equal. There are certain jobs suited for men, enclaves women dare not dive into. When a feminist is faced with positions such as these, with an unnatural light and pride in their eyes, they point out certain women, few extraordinary persons who have smashed glass ceilings in certain respects and professions that were previously thought to be the preserve of the male sex. Why call them extraordinary or laud them to stupor since they are normally supposed to be equal with men? Why not just nod and let their efforts go unnoticed as does those of the generality of men? . . .while the position of children is understandable in the pattern of evacuation from war and disaster torn areas, that of women is curious in the light of equality between the genders; why are they also among the first to be pulled out of these areas? Why would a man be given laurels and back pats by the society when he opens the car door for his wife or any woman for that matter? The society’s pleased disposition where women are ‘helped’ and cushioned at every turn, the scurry to push women forward and the standing ovation at everything they do out of the ‘norm’, shows a deeply seated understanding and comprehension of the inherent inequality between the genders, bestowed by nature; inequality which it seems we are all scrambling to ameliorate and fix”. He would further opine with certitude; “Women can’t become monarchs in this country. Even in developed countries of the world, you can’t find a woman bearing certain ranks in the armed forces especially those that stuff the supreme reins of the entire force in her palms. “The basis for the male hegemony is beyond biology it is beyond what we see and know!” he would finish with gusto. His entire position no matter how much we might want to cast spite on it owing to the movement for the “emancipation” of women, it is quite lucid and cushioned by contemporary data. This is so, especially the part relating to the restriction on women from ascending unto certain ranks and positions in the armed forces, especially in Nigeria by virtue of the exception in subsection 3 of section 42 of the Nigerian Constitution. However, irrespective of the biological difference between the genders, society has transcended beyond the traditional understanding that women must and should be relegated to the background at every turn. While the cabby might have had his own intent for picking the young lady over an earlier potential male customer, he was wrong to have couched his act under the guise of being a gentleman or like the other student posited - “a feminist”. Feminism to my perception entails equality between the genders everywhere (aside the family). The infusion of equality between the husband and the wife in the home is quite an abrasion on the norm of the man being the head of the home especially in Africa, where much emphasis is placed on the traditional hierarchy in the family (The father, mother and Children in that order) and this arrangement is kept sacral, drawing its background from tradition, culture and to a mile, certain biblical views. If in any way equality is to be brought into the home, it is in line with reason and commonsense that equality at every turn should be brought with it. Just the same way this brand of feminism would argue that no cloak of specialization should be ascribed anyone in the home as regards domestic duties, no cloak should be ascribed anyone as regards finance. The bills should be shared equally and the bulk of the burden of its settlement should rest basically on the party with a stronger financial power even if it’s the woman – from each according to his capabilities, to each according to his need. Personally, I quite adopt this traditional perception but it should also be accepted that like every other concept connected with humanity, there is no hard and fast rule to it. Families are made up of different types of people and to some extent, persons with reasonably different styles of perception. Each family should allow themselves to operate whatever system they are at home with. Problems happen where a woeful extension of feminism is brought into the home only because that is what the “whole-world” is gearing up to practice or because it’s working for the neighbours. True feminism to my understanding, entails giving a woman a chance to prove herself like you would give a man. It portends the absence of wrinkled and alarmed faces in the society when she acquires property without recourse to her husband. It entails allowing her do her bit without that extra layer of supervision by reason of her gender. This should flow from the leverage to work in any environment, sporting any collar of any colour she deems fit; blue, white or pink, even if the environment is one saturated with masculine presence. By lucid extension, it encapsulates giving everyone whether male or female an opportunity in the society to do their bit and not stop the flow of opportunity tumbling their way by reason of their gender. This is the crux of feminism. There’s no problem if any cabby or any person decides to carry only women in his car or where an employer decides to employ only women in their establishments. I only have a problem with the view - that this is an act in bed with feminism. If views like these are left uncorrected, it then moves the fight of feminism from the goal of bringing two equal parts at par as is supposed, to a movement of biting back at the male gender and establishing a female hegemony or as it seems, to a crusade where the sole aim is to ameliorate and compensate a weaker gender for injustice suffered through the ages… or is it? Written by: CHUKWUEMEKA FAMOUS NMERIBE CALEB

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Cultism? See what secondary school students were caught doing to another student (photo)
some students of the Government
Secondary School, Aso Pada, Nasarawa state,
were caught while trying to initiate another
student into their secret cult.

According to one of the students who was
supposed to be initiated, there were four of
them who were supposed to join the 'confra'.
He also said they were promised 'protection'
and told they would be shedding blood.

He also said they were asked to pay the sum of
N3,500 after the initiation must have taken
Poly students develop hospital emergency notification system
Student's Of Electrical Engineering Department of
the Federal Polytechnic,Bida have designed what
is called a patient to doctor emergency
notification system for hospitals.

The purpose of the patient to doctor emergency
system is to notify doctors when there is an
emergency. The device is made up of a
transmitter and receiver .

Two students, Emmanuel Osarhumen and
Olapade Olu Peter, explained that the transmitter
uses a wireless signal and it covers the distance
of 0-80km.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Vampire forgot to use his dissapearance charm - says his herbalist + how he cordinated his escape from prison.
The 55-year-old herbalist, who confessed to have prepared charms to fortify notorious kidnap kingpin, Henry Chibueze, popularly called Vampire, killed last week during a gun battle with operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team in Abia State, has said Vampire probably forgot to tie the charm for disappearance on his waist.

The herbalist, Iweajuo Gad, who was arrested in his shrine at Asoeme town in Aba, Abia South Local Government Area of Abia State, Sunday, revealed that he collected N700,000 to prepare the charms that facilitated his client’s rescue from the court.
Horror! Married Man Accidentally Slices His Own Neck With an Angle Grinder While Renovating His Home (Photos)
A married man who was only trying to renovate his home, has ended up meeting a really calamitous end in the process.
Suwan Ladee suffered horrific injuries after dropping a power tool on himself
Suwan Ladee, a 54-year-old dad has been killed in a horrific accident after slicing through his own neck with an angle grinder saw while fixing his house.
According to The Sun UK, the man was doing DIY work on the property in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on February 28 when disaster struck.
The father-of-one was standing on scaffolding and reaching above him as he changed wooden beams infested with termites, witnesses said.
But as he did, Suwan tragically slipped, dropping the power tool – which did not have a protective cover around the blade – directly onto his neck.
The circular saw sliced through his throat, cutting down to his chest and spraying blood everywhere.
The angle grinder that killed the man
Suwan then stumbled and fell to the ground in front of horrified pals who had been helping him with the renovation.
His devastated wife Nong, 52, said: “My husband was working with four other people, working all together to fix that house and get rid of the termites.

“I’d just gone into the kitchen to prepare lunch for everyone then heard the problem.

“The saw had hit him then he fell down from the scaffolding.”
Horrific images how the blood-spattered appliance lying on the floor where it fell in the back yard of the property.
The stricken dad can also be seen lying in a pool of blood.
Around him, emergency workers desperately battle to save Suwan’s life – but he tragically died from his injuries.
Deputy Inspector Police Captain Weerapol Soodsaikaew, from Prapradaeng police station, said: “Rescuers arrived at the house and found Mr Ladee at the front of the house with a large cut in his neck down to his chest.
Closure of Abuja International Airport :10 things you should know

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government yesterday officially announced the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, beginning from 12 a.m. on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. The airport runnay will be renovated in weeks for safe usage.
The Abuja airport
As the Abuja Airport closed at Midnight on Tuesday, here are ten important info. you should know:
Popular Anambra Pastor a.k.a Odumeje Spotted Throwing Cash from His BMW While Performing (Photos+Video)
A popular Pastor who based in Anambra state, has been trailed by media outrage after he was captured on camera controversially displaying arrogance and flaunting wealth.

Pastor Odumeje
A Nigerian Pastor identified as Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere a.k.a Odumeje has sparked outrage online after he was spotted doing the 'unusual at an event in Ezira, Orumba South L.G.A in Anambra State.
Chimamanda Adichie gets elected into the American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • Wole Soyinka was the first Nigerian to be inducted.
Another recognition for the renowned writer
Famous Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has been elected into the American Academy of Arts and Letters as a foreign honorary member.
Chimamanda will be inducted alongside two other foreign honorees at the annual induction in May.
The award-winning author whose literary works, Half of a Yellow Sun and Americanah, have been adapted for the screen will be the second Nigerian to be inducted into the academy.

Buhari to remain in London as Doctors refuses to give him a clean sheet of recovery.
President Muhammadu Buhari's return to Nigeria was put off late last night because his doctors would not certify him healthy enough to return home despite strong pressure from the 'cabal'.

According to SR, presidency sources said the desperation to have him back was so much that the cabal sent to London on Friday the biggest jet in the presidential fleet, a Boeing Business Jet 737, known as "Airforce 001" to bring Buhari home anyhow.