Thursday, 29 January 2015

Funke (Jennifer) Drags Linda ikeji to court

Linda Ikeji might be heading to the court as
management company of actress, Funke
Akindele, has
condemned in strong terms an unwarranted
post by
blogger, Linda Ikeji, ascribing a harmless
picture on
Akindele’s Instagram’s page to be a
mockery of her
alleged separation between her colleague,
Aimakhu and her ex-husband, Adeniyi
Johnson. See the
post and the legal papers below:
Linda posted the message below on her
blog on Sunday,
25, January, 2015.
"Did Funke Akindele shade Toyin Aimakhu
last night?"

Something happened last night but I was too
tired to
write it …and then I woke up this morning
and almost
forgot about it. *sigh*. I may be reaching
and Funke
may not have been referring to Toyin but let
me tell you
what happened and you decide for yourself.
It’s not news that Toyin Aimakhu and Funke
don’t see eye to eye. If you Google, you will
find a few
posts of reports of the two actresses
beefing each
other. In fact, sometime in 2013, Toyin
tweeted at an
‘aunty Agbaya’ who was going around
tarnishing her
image. Toyin made reference to herself
being married
while the ‘Agbaya’ was single and jumping
around. This
was a few months after Funke Akindele’s
ended. (Read here). A lot of people felt
Toyin was
referring to Funke.
Well, yesterday after news hit social media
that Toyin
Aimakhu’s marriage to Adeniyi Johnson had
Funke went on instagram and posted what
you see
above and under it she wrote “Yes, You!”
with two
tongue out smiley.
Many of her followers immediately picked up
on it and
accused her of shading Toyin because her
marriage had
also failed. When fans criticized her for the
post, Funke
Akindele removed it but not before I screen-
grabbed it.
So that’s happened. You think it had to do
with Toyin?”
Benchmark Media threatened that Akindele
could sue
Ikeji if she does not retract the damning
story and issue
an apology as requested by her lawyers.
“While Linda went too far and assumed the
role of a
mind reader and a judge in her Sunday,
January 25,
2015 post: “Did Funke Akindele Shade Toyin
Last Night?” her management company said.
According to Benchmark Media, Ikeji’s story
exposed the
award winning actress to cynical comments
and hasty
“Her post, did not only portray Akindele’s
brand in bad
light, it has promoted unhealthy rivalry
where there is
none,” the statement read.
Akindele and her lawyers have since written
demanding that she retracts the story. “On
same day, 25
January, via email, Akindele and her lawyers
wrote a
letter to Linda demanding a retraction and
within 24 hours or face action within the
ambit of law,”
her management company said.
See the Legal paper served on Linda Ikeji

 You deserve that empty stadium Amaechi Lashes at Jonathan.

Governor Rotimi Amaechi is not wasting time,
he has fired back through the APC in his state:
Wednesday’s re-election campaign rally in Port
Harcourt by President Goodluck Jonathan has
been described as a waste of time and an
embarrassment. Reacting to the rally, the ruling
party in the State, the APC, said the poor
attendance only served to confirm the
unpopularity of President Jonathan and his PDP
in the State, while Jonathan merely ended up
confirming APC’s claim that the President has
done nothing to deserve the votes of Rivers
people in the February 14 presidential election.
“To say that President Jonathan and his PDP
wasted their time in coming to Rivers State to
campaign is to state the obvious. The half-
empty stadium despite the renting of supporters
from Bayelsa, Delta, Abia and Akwa Ibom states
speaks volumes about Jonathan’s unpopularity
among our people,”
Rivers APC Chairman, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya,
Ikanya in a statement in Port Harcourt said the
party was happy that Jonathan during the failed
rally personally confirmed that he has done
nothing for Rivers State and her people as
evidenced by his monumental neglect of the
State. He quoted Jonathan as saying: “I should
be congratulated and commended for not
developing Rivers and Bayelsa states to avoid
being accused of being biased in allocating
developments to the two States but if we are
re-elected we will now concentrate
development in these two states.”
According to Ikanya, “By this statement, we
need no further proof that it was a deliberate
act by the President Jonathan administration
not only to under-develop Rivers State but also
to ensure that the State was stagnated by
allocating our oil wells to Bayelsa, Abia and
other neighbouring states.”
Rivers APC told the President to stop dreaming
of re-election as it will never happen. The party
said: “We want to assure you, Mr. President,
that you will never be re-elected because you
have failed woefully and do not deserve any re-
election. After all that Rivers State and her
people did for you, you could be so mean not to
site one single project in Rivers State. We have
no reason for whatsoever to recommend you to
any section of this country for re-election.
“It is a pity that out of all the states President
Jonathan has visited, it is only in Rivers that he
could not name a single development project he
initiated, not to talk of executing, apart from
posting the tyrannical Police Commissioner
Joseph Mbu and supporting every imaginable
act of impunity in the State, including the plot
by five State Assembly members to impeach
the Speaker in a House of 25 members. We can
now better understand Governor Chibuike
Amaechi, who has at various fora challenged
President Jonathan to mention one single
development project he has brought to Rivers
Rivers APC vowed to intensify campaigns to
ensure that both President Jonathan and the
state PDP gubernatorial candidate, Chief
Nyesome Wike, do not get up to 10 percent of
votes to be cast in Rivers during the February
polls. “We will like to assure the entire world
that if PDP scores up to 20 percent in these
elections we will concede victory to the party,”
Ikanya said.
He congratulated Rivers people for staying at
home and allowing Mr. President to address a
half empty stadium, thereby telling him and PDP
in unmistakable terms that Rivers State is fully
and squarely an APC State.
If Mr. President and his managers knew that
Chief Wike does not exist in Rivers State
politically except in the minds of some expired
and hungry politicians looking for food to fill
their stomach and that he does not have what it
takes to mobilize enough people to fill a 50,000
seater stadium in the capacity of the Adokiye
Amiesimaka stadium they would have accepted
the Liberation Stadium as counseled by
Governor Amaechi to see if they could have
used the 15,000 supporters hired from some
neighbouring States to fill the stadium than
embarrassing the President by making him to
address an empty stadium in a Presidential
The pictures below explain the near empty
stadium Mr. President addressed the Port
Harcourt rally.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jonathan in age falsification Scandal.

Abuja - President Goodluck Jonathan is
being accused of falsifying his age for
political gains, reports NewsDay
Fresh facts have emerged to show that the
President was actually not born on
November 20, 1957 as being claimed.
Accounts from the President himself and
others who have provided information
suggest President Jonathan was born
several years before his stated date of birth.
Jonathan while giving giving his Christmas
Carol address in 2011 said he came to Port
Harcourt in 1955 when the city was the only
one that had electricity then.
Goodluck Jonathan’s account not only
shows that he was born before 1955, but
that he had cognitive ability to recognize
electricity and to recollect this recognition.
looks like there is ray of hope for japanese ISIS hostage as Jordan TV  reports that the state will be  swapping him with ISIS prisoner
The mother of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto has made a tearful appeal to the country's prime minister to save her son

Jordan today agreed to release a would-be suicide bomber in exchange for one of its air force pilots being held by the Islamic State.
Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh and Japanese hostage Kenji Goto have been threatened with execution this afternoon unless the Jordanian government frees the Iraqi terrorist.
Al-Rishawi was sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on hotels in Amman that killed 60 people.
Information Minister Mohammed al-Momani said 'Jordan is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner' if al-Kaseasbeh is released unharmed, according to a statement on Jordan's state television.  
But Mr al-Momani made no mention of Mr Goto.
In separate developments, efforts to free the Japanese journalist were thrown into confusion after Tokyo was forced to deny reported comments by one of its ministers that a deal was imminent.
The Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister was earlier reported as saying that Mr Goto would be released 'within hours' in a prisoner exchange deal for al-Rishawi. 

Extremists say the two hostages will be killed within 24 hours - late on Wednesday night Japan time - unless Jordan frees Sajida al-Rishawi (pictured)

Speaking to journalists, Junko Ishido said both prime minister Shinzo Abe and the main government spokesmen had declined to meet with her because their schedules were full. 
'Please save Kenji's life,' Ishido said, begging Abe to work with the Jordanian government until the very end to try to save Mr Goto.
'Kenji has only a little time left,' she said. 

Abe earlier expressed outrage at the latest threat as secret talks in Jordan sought the release of the man and a Jordanian pilot also being held hostage.
'This was an extremely despicable act and we feel strong indignation. We strongly condemn that,' Abe said. 
'While this is a tough situation, we remain unchanged in our stance of seeking help from the Jordanian government in securing the early release of Mr Goto.'

Shinzo Abe described the ISIS threat as an 'extremely despicable act' and vowed to work with the Jordanian government to secure the journalist's release
japan prime minister pictured here not actually in a good mood

HILARIOUS : AIT Shuts down site where Buhari reportedly won Jonathan in an online poll

   There is serious heat in the campaigns leading to February 14 presidential election. It is only a serious and very deliberate game changer that can stop the APC candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

As you read this, African Independent Television (AIT) has suddenly stopped an online poll where Buhari was resoundingly beating President Goodluck Jonathan.

Buhari’s lead in the poll was despite a sponsored documentary against him that was being repeatedly shown on AIT stations across Nigeria, and online.

Sources who spoke  on the development say President Jonathan has a very limited time to change his campaign strategy, especially online, before it becomes too late.

Earlier on Tuesday, a screenshot of the poll was published and at that time it showed that Buhari well ahead of Jonathan and all other presidential candidate by over 75%.

As the day wore on, the poll saw Buhari’s lead rise to 79%. The poll was then swiftly taken down, and AIT replaced the page with a claim that the page was “under maintenance.”

   AIT did not say whether the poll page would return after the so called ‘maintenance’, but some users had noted earlier that the Television Station was allowing multiple voting for President Jonathan.

AIT suddenly went into ‘maintenance’. Political campaign is a practical process.
  Can the outcome of this poll determine who wins this time ?

Friday, 23 January 2015

KANU (papilo) opens state of the art studio and modelling agency.

Iconic Nigerian former international footballer
Kanu Nwankwo has set up a studio on Allen,
Ikeja called Papilo Studios where they do
everything from photo shoots, to book albums,
and video production. They also have a music
studio there. They are operating from a massive
building in Ikeja.
Papilo, as he's fondly called, has also opened a
modeling agency called Papilo Modeling Agency
and interested ladies and men can go for an
audition next Saturday January 30th at the
studio on 86, Allen Avenue, Ikeja.
So for KANU now it's all about business.

Am not banging Hailey or Kendall we just good friends, Justin Bieber reveals

Justin Bieber is not shtupping the young women
everyone thinks he's shtupping.Hailey
Baldwin and Kendall Jenner have been hanging
with Biebs for a while now, and on the surface it
looked like the chumminess was more than
friendship. Turns out that's all it is.As we
reported, Bieber has been changing things up ...
he hasn't been in trouble for months, he's not
hanging with his old crowd and he's spending a
lot of time on self-improvement. Our Bieber
sources say J.B. likes hanging with Hailey and
Kendall because they're relatively drama free
and positive. They go to church, restaurants,
concerts and clubs, but it's not romantic.The
trio went to see Bieber's pastor Judah Smith
speak on Wednesday night and they hit up a
comedy club afterward.We're told Bieber's not
with Selena either -- they see each other, but
they're not a couple. Fact is ... he's single, and
pretty happy.
EDU: JAMB announces date for CBT exams

The Joint Admission and Matriculation
Board (JAMB) has recently announced
that the date for the 2015 UTME
Computer Based Test (CBT) will be on
Wednesday, the 4th of March, 2015.
This was announced by Mr. Fabian
Benjamin, the JAMB PRO.
Fabian said about 1.4 million candidates
will be writing the CBT nationwide.
Info gathered by has it that with CBT within minutes after writing the exams ones score is revealed. Also in another development some have come out to criticize this CBT citing the possibility of computer malfunction which could affect students efforts.
WAHALA: More headache for Buhari as ICC is reportedly coming after him this time.
OK away from the certificate saga Buhari should get ready for the Big One as ICC (international Criminal Court) is coming after him with high profile allegation.
A Dutch lawyer at the
International Criminal Court and rights activists said Thursday they have evidence
showing 2015 presidential candidate
Muhammadu Buhari instigating and inciting
violence that led to the killings of some 800
people after he lost 2011 elections.
"There are references to lynching, there's a
reference to killing," Goran Sluiter, a human
rights lawyer who represents complaints to
the ICC, said of video recordings of the
former military dictator now campaigning.
Activist Yunana Shibkau said his Northern
Coalition for Democracy and Justice will use
such recordings to convince the
International Criminal Court to charge the
retired general with crimes against
Both men spoke to The Associated Press
before a news conference Thursday in
Abuja, Nigeria's capital, saying they hope to
pre-empt similar violence at Feb. 14
Sluiter said the timing of the news
conference, three weeks before balloting, is
because "my clients are really committed to
justice being done — an inevitable ingredient
for peace and stability in Nigeria."
Buhari's campaign denied the allegations
saying "This is all part of the campaign to
stop Buhari at all cost."
It said the violence was "a spontaneous
reaction to perceived electoral
Previously it has said such allegations are
orchestrated by President Goodluck
Jonathan, Buhari's chief rival. Buhari ousted
a democratically elected president in 1983
and was then ejected from office in a 1985
Most analysts are predicting a win for
Jonathan in the most closely contested
election since military dictatorship ended in
1994. But DaMina Advisors, a research firm
focusing on Africa, Thursday published an
electoral statistical model that anticipates
Buhari would narrowly unseat Jonathan.
Jonathan's party has suffered numerous
defections because his candidacy flouts an
understanding that the presidency rotate
between a Christian southerner, like
Jonathan, and a Muslim northerner.
Buhari's supporters say he can curb the
northeastern Islamic uprising that has
become increasingly deadly, and prosecute
But Shibkau said Buhari should have been
prosecuted in Nigeria for inciting the
postelection violence in which 65,000 people
were also made homeless and Christian
churches and schools were burned.
He quoted from a 2011 rally where Buhari
urges supporters, "If anybody tries to
prevent you from guarding your vote, kill

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

REVEALED: Buhari's qualification equivalent to Phd

Hon Gondina Musa Sambo, a member
representing Pengana state constituency in the
Plateau State House of Assembly on the
platform of the APC, has said that the military
training of Muhammadu Buhari had with which
he rose to the rank of General and former head
of state is enough to qualify him for the exalted
office of the President of this country.
He said that Buhari has gone through many
reputable schools both in Nigeria and overseas,
adding that the professional courses he
attended are equivalent to a doctorate degree.
In his words: “Having been trained in the
best military schools in Nigeria and
overseas, and headed top military
positions and formations, he is more
qualified than President Goodluck
Jonathan to lead the country”.
Sambo stated these in Jos while reacting to a
newspaper report that Gen. Buhari should show
his secondary school certificate, saying the
author of the story did not mean well for the
good people of Nigeria.
He said the people of this country are
disenchanted with the abysmal performance of
the ruling party, PDP, and are ready to effect
the needed change that will enable the country
to move forward, adding “Gen. Muhammadu
Buhari is most qualified for the exalted position
of the president of this country for his selfless
service to our fatherland.”
He said PDP has no tangible campaign
promises for the people of this country, which
is why they have engaged in campaigns of
calumny like “Buhari is not fit, and has no
certificate just to discredit him”.
Oh Dear Lord!!! Pregnant daughter of Nassarawa
Gov's campaign manager killed

This News is terribly disheartening
Just got this from Linda
Seven month pregnant daughter of Nassarawa
state governor's campaign manager, Musa Illu,
Amina Suleiman was on Monday Jan. 19th killed
by unknown assailants at her husband's home in
Katsina state.
According to reports, Amina, whose husband
was away to Zaria for his doctorate degree
programme was found in the pool of her blood
with her throat slit and a knife in her stomach.
Younger brother to the campaign manager,
Namairo Babai, while confirming the incident
said her husband had tried to reach her on
phone on the day of the attack but when he
couldn't, he sent somebody to check on his wife
only to be told she'd been killed.
Is this how far power tussles can go in politics.
An expectant mother ! Some people are beasts.

Monday, 19 January 2015

They might not be your favorite couple but they are undoubtedly the power house of hip-hop
Beyonce and Jay Z brought daughter Blue Ivy
along to their sushi date at Nobu in Malibu
yesterday afternoon, and since we were unable
to catch a glimpse of Bey's stomach, we are
still not sure whether she has a bun in the oven!
Although, pregnant women are advised to steer
clear of raw fish, so it seems unlikely she would
choose to eat at the famed Japanese eatery if
she was expecting.
Then again, the hip hop power couple kept us
guessing for months before announcing her first
pregnancy, so we will have to wait and see. In
our recent poll, 31% of you think she's preggers,
but 68% think she's not! Various reports claim
the Grammy winner has a son on the way.
"They are both elated. There's no question that
he adores Blue, but he's felt an emptiness not
having a little boy. When they found out the
good news, it was like new life was injected
into their marriage - Jay is 150 percent invested
now," a source dished to In Touch .
Crazy in love, and even crazier about privacy!

Friday, 16 January 2015

One day i will figure it out then settle down - Banky W
Mr. Capable, Banky W got intimate with urban
magazine, Blanck Magazine. The EME chief
revealed he has been heartbroken so many
times but identified it is important for him to
continue growing.
“There are good and bad women in every
corner of the globe. I’ve had similar
experiences on both sides; I’ve had my heart
broken and I’ve broken hearts,” he said.
“It’s important to constantly grow; to become
bigger and better, to expand, and to broaden
your horizons,” he added.
The R&BW singer concluded by saying he
hopes to get married one day although he
doesn’t know when “One day I’ll figure it out,
settle down, and get married.
Until then, I guess I’m learning from all these
experiences and trying to make myself a
better man.” he concluded
Well, I wonder if it is when the sky turns red that he will .

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Imo state governor Okorocha to hire Town criers for campaign
Believe it or not Imo state Governor .Rochas Okorocha is not leaving any stone unturned as he pulls every necessary string that can earn him victory in the next polls .
In a meeting of all APC stakeholders and community liaison officers (C.L.O.) held at the imo international convention centre Owerri on Tuesday Okorocha said he has released one million naira for each polling booth to commence grassroot support which he says will involve the use of Town criers for election jingles and sensitization tour .
During the meeting another strategic way of campaigning made by stakeholders was market sensitization, recruitment of more booth commanders and agents The A.P.C Governor enjoined his party men to Vote for APC at all levels even though some party members expressed their worry over Buhari's health. Also at the venue but weren't allowed inside where some unrecognized traditional rulers who vowed to vote out the Governor if their status is not recognizes
BLOODY: this even irritated Isis, woman executed by Jihadists for running a brothel + pics

This is so sickening Shocking video has emerged showing a veiled
woman being publicly executed by Al Qaeda for
alleged adultery - a sentence that has sickened
even the Islamic State. The footage shows the
woman, who is wearing a black robe and a hijab
(headscarf), being ordered to crouch down on
the pavement in front of a crowd of masked
jihadi fighters in Syria.
Behind her, a militant declares that she has
been convicted by an Islamic court of being an
adulterer, condemning her for allegedly running
a brothel.
A gunmen then pulls out a pistol and shoots her
in the head with a single shot as chants of
Allahu Akbar - Arabic for God is greatest - ring
out from the baying mob.
The video, which was posted on social media,
has drawn condemnation even from rival
Islamists, with one ISIS supporter asking 'which
Sharia (Islamic law) is that???'.

The footage, which has not been independently
verified, appears to have been filmed by a jihadi
fighter on a mobile phone, reportedly from
Ma'arrat al-Numan in the north-western city of
In the video, a small crowd of masked fighters
from Jabhat al-Nusra - an Al Qaeda affiliated
group in Syria - gather near the city's main
Most of the men are carrying machine guns and
are dressed in thick coats and military fatigues.
The cameraman turns the camera to show the
emptiness of the roads, with the traffic halted
to allow the execution to be carried out in full
public view.
A woman, who activists have suggested is
thought to be around 50 years old, is shown
standing next to several fighters.
Except for a red cardigan, the lady is seen
wearing an all-black robe, covering down to her
She also wears a black hijab (headscarf) which
tightly covers all her hair.
Nearby a concrete wall, tagged in graffiti
declares the area to be the stronghold of
Jabhat al- Nusra (the Nusra Front).
A bearded fighter, wearing body armour stands
intimidating behind her, warding off anyone
uninvited who gets too close to the woman.

REVEALED: The five strong questions obasanjo bombarded Jonathan with.
Multiple sources have confirmed that the
reconciliatory visit of President Goodluck
Jonathan was a tensed one as former president
Olusegun Obasanjo put him on the hot seat in
his Hilltop residence in Abeokuta on Monday, in
the presence of two respected Nigerian pastors.
Flanked by Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Bishop
David Oyedepo, who were there as witnesses to
the meeting on request of Obasanjo, he asked
Jonathan questions which he had earlier thrown
up in secret.
***First, let me notify you all to know that
Jonathan and his men too have also put
together the 10 Questions he asked
Obasanjo during the meeting and it's
explosive. It seems both Obasanjo and
Jonathan were aware that late President
Umaru Yar'Adua could die in office and
Jonathan will take over from him.
There is also the issue of GEJ refusing to
"pamper the boys" and renew some big agreements" until we gather more authenticities we would post it .
But for now Pachigo's updates
has the details and we will post it soon after thorough investigation because we don't want to feed you people false news.
Watch out!
As for the latest explosive, below are the 5
strong questions Obasanjo asked Jonathan in
The former president asked him to confirm if he
did not agree to only run for one term, his slow
action to tackling the Boko Haram menace
when it was just budding despite warning, why
he gave licence to Tompolo and Asari Dokubo
to import arms under the names of their private
Jonathan, tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth:
(1) Did you agree to run for only one term or
(2) What did you tell me was your reason for
not going after Boko Haram insurgents even
when I told you this will boomerang?
(3) What happened to Nigeria’s external reserve
and Sovereign Wealth Fund?
(4) Did you give licence to Niger Delta militants
(Dokubo and Tompolo) to import arms in the
name of their privately owned companies? If so,
for what reason?
(5) Did you not get correspondence from the
United States consulate that a certain citizen
named Buruji Kashamu is indicted for drug
trafficking? Why did you appoint the same
Kashamu as South West leader of PDP rather
than hand him over to the US? And did the PDP
give automatic Senate ticket to a wanted and
convicted drug baron?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I feared dead, others injured during P.D.P ,A.P.C Clash in Akwa Ibom
The forthcoming elections is gradually taking it's toll on some people. Even as Nigerian's pray and look forward to peaceful polls come 2015. Akwa Ibom need to pray harder than ever.
This followed Monday night clashes involving
supporters of the ruling People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) and their counterparts of the main
opposition, All Progressives Congress (APC),
which one person was feared killed and five
others injured.
The incident, it was gathered, occurred late
Monday night along the popular ‘Maitama’ Road
leading into the Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.
It was learnt that the deceased, a member of
the APC, was defacing and removing the
campaign posters of the PDP House of
Representatives candidate for Uyo Federal
Constituency, Mr. Michael Enyong, popularly
called ‘Baba Ntan’, when the PDP supporters
emerged from their bus to accost him.
“Yes, the person was trying to remove the
posters of the PDP candidate, Baba Ntan, and
suddenly, the PDP supporters came with their
bus and arrested him.
He was heavily beaten and his head was broken
when he ran for his dear life into Nteps’
The security at the supermarket blocked him
from entering the place with his blood soaked
body”, Emem Bassey, an eye witness told the
incident told our correspondent, adding that “he
was eventually pushed into the gutter by his
In the reprisal attack that followed, he stated
that no fewer than five others sustained various
degrees of injuries.
Worried by the development, the Commissioner
for Police, Mr. Gabriel Achong, has warned
politicians to play by the rules and urged them to
restrain their supporters from tampering with the
campaign posters of others for fear of violence.
A statement by the Police Public Relations
Officer (PPRO), Mr. Etim Dickson (DSP), on
behalf of his boss, appealed to the people to
imbibe high ethical standards during the election
year and warned against being used by
politicians as thugs as the election approaches.
Dickson urged supporters of both parties to
refrain from removing or destroying posters of
their opponents as this contradicts the electoral
The police image maker therefore warned that
anybody caught defacing or removing party
posters would be prosecuted.

Kenyan Artiste accuses Iyanya of exploiting him to get famous.
This year is not starting on a good note for iyanya

A Kenyan artiste by the name ofJaguar(real namesCharles Njagua Kanyi) has accused Nigerian pop singer Iyanya of exploiting him.Speaking to a Kenyan publicationThe Star, he said his collaboration with Iyanya 'One Centimeter' remix isn't getting any airplay in Nigeria despite being massive in East Africa. He said that Iyanya hasn't done anything to ensure the song has enough presence in Nigeria.He also claimed that Iyanya jumped on the song just to gain popularity in East Africa. The Kenyan act said thatSauti Solwho is from Kenya is facing the same situation as his song with Iyanya 'Sura Yako' remix hardy gets played in Nigeria.Jaguar went on to complain about Iyanya's diva like demands. He said thatIyanya insisted the video was shot in Nigeria and byClarence Peters.Jaguar agreed for the video to be shot in Nigeria, but didn't bow to Iyanya's demand that Clarence Peter shoot the video. The 'One Centimeter' remix was directed by a Kenyan director by the name ofThome.

Stella Oduah looses out in Anambra Senate contest
ormer aviation minister sacked in February
2014 for purchasing two BMW cars at a highly-
inflated price has failed to make the list of
People’s Democratic Party senatorial
candidates, the list released on Tuesday by the
Independent National Electoral Commission
(INEC) shows.
Stella Oduah, after failing to capture the Anambra
North Senatorial seat, had used Pius Anyim, the
Secretary to the Federal Government, to
intimidate INEC to get her name into the list.
That plan failed, as INEC released the name of
John Okechuckwu Emeka as the court-ordered
candidate of the People’s Democratic Party
(PDP) for the seat.
Also removed from the list is Andy Uba, a
former domestic aide to President Olusegun
Obasanjo. He was replaced with his equally
controversial younger brother, Chris Uba as the
PDP candidate for Anambra South in the
forthcoming general election. Chris Uba, it
would be recalled, confessed to having rigged
the 2003 gubernatorial election in the state, in
favour of Chris Ngige.
Andy Uba and Ms. Oduah had been anointed by
President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife,
Patience, to clinch the senatorial slots, but they
both lost in last month’s state party primaries.
Since that defeat, Ms. Oduah has been
conniving with lawyers, some judges and SGF
Anyim to impose her name on INEC, in a
political no-man’s-land where integrity has no
Behold the pretty daughter of Mohammdu Buhari
Have any one ever thought of what Buhari's looks. While in some recent events we have seen what Jonathan's daughters looks it's my pleasure to show you the pretty daughter of Buhari.

Her name is Zahra she studies in the UK microbiology precisely in University of surrey

K such beauty is enough to earn Buhari the vote of most eligible bachelors in Nigeria.
SHOCKER: I won't support you, Obasanjo to Jonathan
The end blow is finally here Jonathan is at the mercy of his fate .
President Jonathan’s mission for visiting
residence on Monday didn’t succeed after he
engaged the former military ruler in an intense
war of
According to a source at the meeting who
anonymity because he’s not permitted to leak
the content of
the discussion to the media, about an hour into
the meeting,
Jonathan practically begged to have Baba
Obasanjo on
board but in a bid to end the meeting abruptly,
Obasanjo told
Jonathan with a strong voice that “It’s too late
to support
you; I’m very sorry”
The source said the presence of two popular
Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Adeboye of
Church didn’t convince Obasanjo to change his
words. He
insisted he’s not willing to support a system of
that has failed Nigeria and wanted to wash his
hands clean
by not openly endorsing any candidate.
Few minutes after Obasanjo insisted on not
Obasanjo, Jonathan reportedly mumbled a few
words that
the source termed “weighty”.
GEJ was quoted to have said “elder statesman
who talk like
motor park touts”. He, however, did not mention
directly but he said it after OBJ insisted on not
The statement was said to have angered
Obasanjo, forcing
him to cut off the meeting abruptly after which
and his men sneaked out of the building.
The source concluded that neither Oyedepo nor
tried to convince Obasanjo, they just sat there as
invited by Obasanjo.
The former president has been a virulent critic of
the Jonathan
administration, which he accused of embracing
corruption and
burgling the anti-insurgency battle.
This made me remember NTA advert on Jonathan's campaign that normally ends with this punchline "We who are with you are so many more, than those against you"
February 14 will tell.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

SHOCKER: Neither Jonathan nor Buhari would be president in 2015, Prophet Nwoko prophesizes
Just got this from olu
The coast is not clear yet for President
Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammadu
Buhari and this is the words of an Enugu-based
Prophet, Anthony Nwoko. He has predicted that
neither Jonathan of the PDP nor his main
opponent, Buhari of the APC would be president
after next month’s election.
It would be recalled that Prophet Nwoko, who
briefed newsmen in Enugu on the state of the
nation, had in 1993 prophesied the end of the
military regime of former head of state, Gen.
Ibrahim Babangida.
In 1998, the same Prophet Nwoko also
prophesied that late military ruler, General Sani
Abacha, would leave the leadership of Nigeria in
a mysterious way and months later the man
On the Jonathan presidency and the
prospects of his re-election, Nwoko said,
“ In 2010, I told Nigerians that they should
not expect much or any miracle from
Jonathan . Now, in this coming election,
Jonathan will only serve as John the
Baptist and Buhari has not got any
heavenly crown to rule and he will not rule
this country because he hasn’t got that
“Don’t take my prophesies for granted
because I had also told General
Abdulsalam Abubakar not to make
Obasanjo president and I had also warned
Obasanjo not to make late former
President Yar’Adua president and my
advice was not heeded and you saw what
happened”, he pointed out.
He lamented that the nation was turning very
ungodly, saying, “I had told IBB in 1993 to leave
office and it happened and in 1998, I prophesied
that Abacha would leave office mysteriously,
and you saw what happened.”
When asked what would happen since he has
prophesied that the two leading presidential
candidates would not be president after
February elections, the 64-year old Prophet said
“ I can see the glory of Nigeria in the South East
and I don’t agree with Wole Soyinka that
Jonathan is Nebuchadnezzar; Jonathan is a
forerunner to the glory of God .”
Reacting to recent comments by fiery Enugu
Catholic cleric, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mabaka, Prophet
Nwoko said he was not condemning the priest
but “I want to tell him that I can see the glory
of God in the South”.
The prophet said he is not married even at his
advanced age of 64 and that he has no home of
his own and has not set his feet on the soil of
his Umuahia country home in Abia State in the
past 45 years, saying he would only visit
Umuahia after accomplishing the Prophetic task
for which he was called home from America by
No President Jonathan? No President r?
So, who will be our president? This is kind of
Who knows maybe me *wink*
11th Hour Abandonment: Obasanjo sneaks out of Abeokuta, refuses to see Jonathan.
All is not well with P.D.P camp because the hostility between
President Goodluck
Jonathan and former President Olusegun
worsened Monday as the former President
sneaked out
from his palatial building in Abeokuta,
Jonathan arrived the state capital.
Obasanjo who was driven out in his black
jeep and one
security hilux van, shunned his main
entrance and made
use of his private gate through which he
sneaked out.
Vanguard correspondent who was at
Obasanjo’s house to
cover the expected meeting between the
two country
leaders observed that, some security
personnel who had
been detailed at the former President house
Source close to Obasanjo’s Hilltop mansion
in Abeokuta
had earlier confided in our correspondent
said that
President Jonathan was not in the Obasanjo
itinerary for
the day.
He also hinted that, Obasanjo jetted out
around 2: 59p.m
few minutes after the helicopter that flew
the President to
the state touched the ground.
Operatives of the State Security Service
(SSS) who had
earlier besieged the Obasanjo’s Hilltop
mansion as early
as 6a.m in anticipation of president
Jonathan’s arrival
also left the place at exactly 3: 10p.m when
it became
obvious that Jonathan was not coming to
Jonathan however, arrived the M.K.O
stadium in
Abeokuta at exactly 3: 50p.m and headed
straight to the
state box from where he later moved out to
cheers from the crowd who had thronged
the stadium
venue of the campaign as early as 7: