Shocking Story After Quiting Masturbation. Please Read And Drop Your Advice In The Comment Box

Good day,

I've been masturbating at an average of twice a day for the past 8 years, I really can't explain how it got to that level but I was so addicted to it that I could self-service when I'm sick or even fasting.

So recently I decided to call it quit, it's been 1 month now and it seems I'm waking up to the reality of not being in a relationship all my life, I'm 26 BTW and I've never felt so much urge and desire to be in a relationship as I'm feeling right now. I'm always of the opinion that I don't need a girl now and would definitely get one when I'm ready to settle down but it seems very hard for me to approach a girl and the thought of being in a relationship scares me, I feel the relationship might not last, I might not be committed and the girl might get bored and leave.

Through out my stay in the university and my NYSC days I had no single female friend and presently I have no female friend. When I'm in the midst of people I don't give audience at all to any female and might not even speak to them but I have lots of male friends, I know I'm not gay but I just don't feel that need to talk to a girl or keep up with them, I don't even have a single female contact on my phone.

I'm working and fairly comfortable now but I'm beginning to worry that I might not be able to fall in love or even get to approach a lady for any meaningful relationship and the worst of it all is relapsing (start masturbating again). Please I need your advice