Ways To Make Money In Nigeria This Christmas

1. Start a decorating service; decorate homes for a fee. Charge for each separate decorating job you will do, from the Christmas tree, to a stairway to outdoor lighting. You will need ladders and tools but will use your customer’s own decorations. Be sure to specify if your charges also include removal of decorations.

2. Offer gift-wrapping services; you can charge by the package or by the job and make extra money by offering a pick-up and delivery service as well.

3. Answer letters to Santa Claus; offer parents a personalized letter to their child from Santa. Make a small form to answer questions about the child, like his name and his pets’ name and use it to write a personalized letter to the child; use Santa stationery.

4. Bake cookies and special Christmas treats for busy people. If using your own recipe, charge by the dozen. If you will be using your customer’s recipe, charge enough money to cover 1 or 2 failed attempts. You can also make money by delivering the cookies.

5. Become a personal shopper to make money at Christmas; offer this service based on the amount of time spent shopping and the distance to the stores.

6. Sew personalized gifts if you can sew, knit or embroider. Embroider initials on towels and linens, knit matching caps, scarves and mittens, and sew personalized aprons and cook hats.