Nigerian Guy Makes Suicidal Posts On Facebook

A Nigerian Guy identified on Facebook as Adukwu Micah has declared that he is ready to leave this world, and disappear forever.

He’s been making some suicidal notes on Facebook.. Someone who knows him, should please alert his Family of his suicidal posts on Facebook.

He wrote; “Finally death is knocking at the door of a young negro. I’m not sure if I’m gonna live to see tomorrow. In case I disappear from this world, just know I love y’all. I’ve been away for some time now, but I think I’m gonna be gone forever. Don’t ever feel bad if you learn that I’m no more. I’m shedding hot tears right now.

Bye friends! Bye to those who care about me!!! #Jaysleek help me tell mom I’m gone if you don’t hear from me tomorrow.”