Hilarious Reactions From Nigerians On Social Media To News Of Iphone12

In Nigeria, quite a number of people are judged on first sight based on the phones or gadgets they appear with. For this reason, many youths have been known to do funny things just to have the latest devices. On the Nigerian social media, there is oftentimes a superiority battle between android and iOS users. It has been noticed that people who use iPhones feel superior and they waste no time in dragging android users. 
The Apple franchise released another phone called the iPhone 11 into the market in September 2019 and fans made sure to queue up at their outlets to purchase the device. This is despite the fact that it does not come cheap.

Despite the price of the phone quite a number of Nigerians have already purchased it while others are still saving up till they can afford it. Well, it came as a surprise to see that plans are already underway for an iPhone 12 despite the fact that the 11 was only released a few months back. Nigerians have taken to social media to comment on the development.