INSIDE LIFE : Story of How Woman was allegedly Poisoned by Her Best Friend After Getting Promoted

A jealous and envious woman has decided to take her best friend's life after the later was considered for a promotion which she was also interested in.

The deceased friend
The deceased friend

A Congolese lady has tragically died after allegedly being poisoned by her jealous best friend for receiving a job promotion ahead of her.
According to reports, the lady was poisoned, allegedly, by her own best friend.

The two were up for a job promotion at work and the lady won. Unhappy, her friend decided to ‘take her out’.

She reportedly poisoned a meal, gave it to the friend to eat and consequently, she died soon after eating it.

She’s been arrested for murder but denies the charge.

The deceased has been buried. A beautiful life cut short in her prime by the evil of jealousy.