Wednesday, 18 September 2019

WhatsApp Security Alert!

Did you know that Hackers now hack WhatsApp Accounts?

They exploit people on your list, send an unsolicited messages, especially advertising, as well as spamming and sending messages repeatedly to your contacts.

They act on your integrity.
They'll change your phone number to theirs and replace you in whatsoever group you belong.

Don't fall a victim,
In order to prevent such a thing from happening to you.

Follow these steps:

Go to “ Settings ” on your WhatsApp,

Click on “ Account ”,

Click on “ Two- step verification ”,

Enter “ Pin ” -> confirm,

Input your “ Email Address ” -> confirm,
And save, that's all.

If someone wants to change it, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification and without it, the account won't open or be accessed.

Let's be cautious and safe.
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