Monday, 30 September 2019

Photos From Federation Of Orsu Students Graduation /Fresher's Night

Photos From Federation Of Orsu Students Graduation /Fresher's Night 

Last night was another night of many weekend events around Imo state university as Federation Of Orsu Students observed her all night Graduation/Freshers Night at Titanium Hotel, PH road. 

It was entertainment and celebration all the way as people who didn't know mistook it as an SUG program owing to the outstanding management and packaging of the event. 

The turnout of students and guests was impressive despite the distant location of the program from school which showed the quality of work done by the excos of the federation, ably led by Comrade Victor. The likes of Former SUG Presidents of IMSU, FUTO, ALVAN, POLY etc graced the occasion. 

Mc Bad mouth, Mc Kenji and Mc Surface were there live to anchor the show and made the audience almost break some ribs from lafta. Some pics below

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