Tuesday, 8 January 2019


                      GOD OF IDENTITY

It is highly unarguable that having an accent remains a germane aspect of the vastness of identity. But is quite appalling the extent to which majority of humans especially in this part of West Africa have attributed so much negativity to the natural flavour that accompanies speeches. In fact, it is not just the magnitude of negativity attached to accents that is appalling. Rather the fact that we have embraced these ideas from the onset is most appalling. It is even more hilarious, that as most people try their best to get out of the well of accented speeches, the well’s depth only gets deeper and deeper. This is a clear evocation of the blessedness of accents. Accents are immortal and so it is highly inoperable for anyone to exterminate its existence.
Identity is an important aspect of the existence of any race or tribe. Whatever the case might be, there are so many peculiarities relative to every tribe all over the world. These include mode of dressing, eating manners and subsequently the type of food eaten, greeting patterns, customs and traditions that guides their general living, and lastly language. The latter is one important aspect of identity that must not be neglected no matter the circumstance. In these present times, it is not entirely possible to distinguish between two tribes just by their mode of dressing or eating manners. This is because every other peculiarity apart from language is gradually intertwining between different tribes. Language is very vital to any tribe. Two major things evolve around it. These include the speaker of the language, and how the language is spoken. The speaker of the language should be the sole owner of it, the one who knows every crook and cranny of the language. The speaker of the language speaks it with ease, and effortlessly passes it on to his descendants. The speaker of the language finds the language as a part of himself, woven into the fabrics of his body, soul and spirit. To the speaker, his language is the only vital tool that extends his existence to many parts of the world. Furthermore, the speaker has techniques that see to the effective procession of his language from his vocals. This is where ACCENTS come in. They are the spice with which language is cooked and eaten. Accents have a unique function- they exude a sense of belonging to the language. It does not have anything to do with a clear knowledge of the language being spoken; it lucidly presents the speaker of the language as a part of the language. Nowadays, we have people who are very vast in their knowledge of different languages all around the world. We can have a particular person speaking different languages but how do you know that he or she is not the sole owner of the language? This is where the importance of accents comes in. Accents differentiate the true owners of a language from borrowers of the language. It makes one realize that he or she is not a part of a language that he or she can speak very well. That an Ibo man can speak Yoruba very well does not make him a Yoruba man. No matter how he tries to conform to the distinctive way of pronouncing Yoruba words, his native Ibo accent will still interrupt. That is the beauty of accents. It is in this regard that I refer to accents as the god of identity. 

Written by;

Chukwuemeka Famous


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