Dj Paky declares interest in becoming SA on entertainment to Imo Government lists achievements.

A controversial multi talented personality and entertainer in Imo state has declared his interest in becoming the next SA on Entertainment Imo state.
According to him, the IMO entertainers needs to be treated better and the industry itself needs to take another turn to greatness. Not that the past or present SA aint doing a great job but he believed that he can do better, being a youth and also the man that has worked with so many entertainers in IMO state. Dj Paky has he is fondly called believed with his experience in this industry and his massive level of affluence, he can drive this entertainment ship to it’s well deserved destination.

Below is what you need to know about him just as they came out of his mouth.
My name is Mgbekwuzie Nnaemeka popularly known as DJ PAKY, am the Ceo lagalaga entertainment #shuttingdownthecity# Best Business #Promoter# imo state.I had my primary education at ikenegbu primary school, secondary education at commercial institute of Commerce
and my university education at Imo state University (MKT) owerri.
I have been into the entertainment industry for 9years, in the cause of my journey I have had the opportunity of working with different organisations
1)Leo 9
(2)Rock view Hotel
(3)Saga Suit
(4)Maxicino Services
(5)First Bank
(6)Dexten Entertainment
(7)Kends Records
(8)T. Records
(9)Hair Story
(11)Lead Taxi
(12)Simple Life
(13)Effizy Beauti
(14)Flamez Barber shop
(15)Adrian World
(16)Y. B. E
(17)Ifeanyi CY
(19)phil-et Resto Bar
(20)Aris Africa
(21)Jelloff- Joke
(22)Laffin Gaz
(24)Ay LiveThe list goes on.
(25)MTN and 9mobile
(26)Government house
I want to thank all the organisations that I have worked with for giving me the opportunity to work for them I appreciate all the efforts you have put to making my brand a well known brand in IMO state and in the South East region.I am a lover of entertainment, and that has pushed and driven me to single handedly organizing my own events the Lagalaga Festa season 1$2,
I have seen the pains and all that the entertainers in IMO state has been going through and I am here to put an end to it.
I here by declare my interest and intensions to occupy the office of the Special Advicer to the Governor of IMO STATE on Entertainment.