Monday, 3 December 2018

NUISS President Elect Extends Regard To His Supporters

The 6th republic President elect, National Union of Imo state students which is the supreme council of Imo students home and diaspora, cmrd Emmanuel Amadi has sent his heartfelt message of appreciation to his supporters during and after the election held on Friday 30th November. 

He wrote 

"May I begin by acknowledging God, my creator and best friend. 
I am grateful father

I give accolades the government of Imo State, through the bureau of Students affairs, for being present in the affairs of the students, showing concern and making things work. 

Very special accolades to Hon. Godstime Samuel; Leader,The head, bureau of students affairs, Imo state government, for taking the affairs of the students beyond just official to the level of a parent/child relationship. 
We won't forget your efforts sir!

To the Electoral Committee, this has been the best outing so far, and so I appreciate the meticolous and orderly conduct exhibited by especially the chairman, comrade Osuji Postmus.

Great Imo Students!!! 
This is a victory for all. At the declaration of the winner, politics in our union came to an end for the next one year. Henceforth, it shall be leadership... Henceforth, there shall not be any factions or separate interests. 
While aspiring, we all had good intentions for the union and Imo Students at large, it is time to implement them.
Our positions do not matter, we shall unite as one, and bring to reality each of our different good intentions. 

To my supporters, I am loyal!
You supported to bring forth the common good of every Imo Student, and not just your good, and so, it is time!

The National Union of Imo State Students, being the apex council for indigent Imo students, has the primary mandate to take care of the affairs of the Imo Students, and from time to time, create and impact relevant values on same students, 
Now is the time!

May I now call on every Comrade who aspired for any position; on all indigent Imo student schooling anywhere in the world, and on the government to please coperate with this newly elected officials, to give to Imo Students, the best  during this tenure.

Finally,  I wish to most humbly appreciate Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, the Patron of our Union for all the support since the inception of the Union. 
We are grateful sir!

God bless NUISS 18/19
God bless Imo Students 
God bless Imo State
God bless Nigeria
Comr. Emmanuel O. Amadi
National President Ellect

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