Tuesday, 11 December 2018

How An Upcoming Artiste I Corrected In Love, Stood Up & Gave Me The Insult of My Life - Singer Sauw Blaze Reveals

While reacting to the Post Made by Fast Rising Rapper, Xbusta on the reason why most already made acts don’t help the younger ones, Pop Singer, Sauw Blaze took out time to also comment and highlight his personal encounter with an ‘unknown’ act whom he assisted and the reward he got afterwards…

Even as growing as I am, I have a first hand experience whereby somebody who I wanted to help in my little capacity, I shared my stage with him, exposed him to my fans, cronies and associates, took responsibility of some of his running cost, created event for him to perform on several occasions just for him to stand before my friends to accuse me of been jealous of him.
That kept me wondering; why should I be jealous? I’ve been on the scene long before him, I have greater fanbase, I have more money, I have more song and my #walawala track was trending at the moment, I have better delivery, in fact I had everything better than he had and I was trying to get him share in the things I have.
You won’t believe that this guy who calls me boss and always want to shake me with two hands, just because I corrected him in love, stood up and gave me the insult of my life before going around telling people that I am jealous of him and scared.. #laughable
Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from helping others to the best of my ability because doing good or helping people is not for them but for our own soul to be at peace.
When you have the nature of good, you keep doing good no matter what.

eers bro..Let that good nature in your prevail.

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