Saturday, 22 December 2018

Catalan blocked roads in Spain because they weren't granted freedom

Catalan separatists have blocked roads and
clashed with police as Spanish ministers held a
cabinet meeting in the regional capital

The decision to move the meeting was aimed at
reducing tensions, months after Catalan leaders
were jailed for trying to break away from
Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Catalan
leader Quim Torra agreed on Thursday to an
"effective dialogue".
But there were violent scenes near the venue
where the cabinet assembled.
Friday's meeting was convened exactly a year
after the previous Spanish government held snap
elections in Catalonia, a decision seen as
provocative by pro-independence groups.
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Earlier in the day, more than 20 roads across
Catalonia, including the AP7 and A2 motorways,
were blocked by protesters as police were
deployed in large numbers. The protests were
co-ordinated by a radical group, the
Committees for the Defence of the Republic
On the AP7, which runs along the Mediterranean
coast, protesters sat on the road with their
hands in the air. Police dragged them from the
As the cabinet meeting got under way, there
were clashes between police and protesters in the
centre of Barcelona.
Riot police were pelted with objects as they
dismantled a barricade thrown up across one of
the main streets. About 1,000 protesters nearby
were held back by a police cordon.
At tensions rose, officers wielding batons
charged protesters and at least four people
were arrested. The regional police force, Mossos
d'Esquadra, said one man was detained for
carrying materials that could be used to make
an explosive device.
City health officials said 51 people had been
treated for injuries, 30 of them police officers.
Meanwhile, a crowd of several thousand people
protested peacefully near Barcelona's Franca
rail station. And many held banners with different inscription on it

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