Thursday, 15 November 2018

Style plus group(music singers) splits as Tunde changed his name

ABUJA – Tunde Akinsanmi, leading member of pop music group, Styl Plus, has officially broken away from the band to pursue a solo music career.

The vocalist, who announced this on Thursday at a news conference in Abuja, said he no longer wished to be known on stage as Tunde Styl Plus but Tunde T Dot.
According to him, the decision to change the name was based on the need to pick a name that would reflect his new direction as a solo entity in entertainment.
“I have never really had a stage name. It has always been ‘Tunde Styl Plus’ which obviously was because I was part of a group. So, going forward, I would like to be referred to as Tunde T Dot,” he said.
On why he left the award winning Styl Plus, Tunde said: “I stopped performing with Shifi and Zeal (of Styl Plus) in 2012 over lots of disagreements back then. It was such that we no longer talked to each other. Over the years, we have come to terms with our new positions.”
Now signed to PEC Records as a solo artiste, he, however, assured his fans that he was open to working with his former band mates albeit in a new arrangement.
He said: “All that ‘beef’ (quarrel) has been quashed. We are looking at the possibility of a reunion in the future in what may be described as a super group.
“For now, I will be releasing my new single titled: ‘African Lady’. The video has been shot and it would be premiered next week. An album is in sight which would come later in 2019.”
Equally announcing a change in his social media handles, Tunde said: “I used to have @TundeAkinsanmi on Twitter but now I have a new handle @TundeTDot. Both handles still exist but the former would remain a personal handle for Tunde Akinsanmi while the latter would be the handle for Tunde T Dot,” he concluded.

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