Sunday, 4 November 2018

Salient Certainties You Should Know About IMSU Cult-related Issues.

Lately, one may observe that the campus community has been peaceful and cult-clash free, thanks to the stars. Here're salient certainties you should know about IMSU cult related clashes. 

  • Rival Cult groups are almost always involved in clashes around IMSU. If a member of a rival group is killed, it is seen as "Point". Just like in football matches. They count 1:0, 1:1, 1:2 etc.

  • Some of the people who have been killed by cultists were not cultists but "Mistaken Identity" or killed because they refused to give their phones or other belonging to the cultists that attacked them. It is therefore advised that when you are confronted by cultists with a gun, give them the phone or money that they ask for. Human life is valuable than any phone and it is sheer stupidity to argue with an intoxicated man with a gun.

  • The predominant Cult groups have their major territories of dominance. Some dominate Okwu-Uratta, some dominate Aladinma and some are kings over Bishop's Court students area.

  • These cult groups in IMSU are part of a national network that are spread across all walks of life including politics, business and more.

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