Sunday, 18 November 2018

Imo Guber: Drama As Over 10,000 APGA Faithfuls Decamp To Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) - Declares Total Support For Barr. Humphery Anumudu.

By Akpelu joseph (tallest) 

Saturday 17th  November   2018  was  a  remarkable,  memorable,  and  victorious  day  in  Imo  state  for  the  pursuit  of  effective  representation  and  good  governance  as  Barr   Humphery  Anumudu  officially  declared  his  intention  to  continue  the  race  of  Imo  gubernatorial  seat  using  ZENITH LABOUR PARTY (ZLP)  as  a  driver. 

Over  10,000  APGA  faithfuls  took  turns  to  eulogise  Barr  Humphery  Anumudu,  saying  his  defection  to  ZENITH  LABOUR  PARTY  (ZLP)  is  a  blessing  to  the  party  and  Imo  people  at  large,  the  APGA  faithfuls  spoke  profusely  on  his  Humanitarian  works  and  empowerment  of  youths  and  women  adding  that  he  has  also  provided  employment  for  Thousands  of  Imo  indigenes,  these  formed  part  of  their  reasons  for  joining  him  in  his  new  party  to  pursue  his  governorship  ambition  to  liberate  imo  state  from  shackles  of  bad  leadership. 

The  high  point  of  the  program  was  the  launching  of  1 million  votes  for  Barr  Humphery  Anumudu  by:

Barr  Humphery  Anumudu  Foundation 

The  27  local  government  area  coordinators  of  Barr  Humphery  Anumudu 

The  305  ward  coordinators  of  Barr  Humphery  Anumudu 

Former  APGA  faithfuls  now  ZENITH  LABOUR  PARTY   members 

Youths,  women,  elders,  and  critical  stakeholders. 

Barr  Humphery  Anumudu  in  his  speech  stated  clearly  that  his  mission  to  contest  for  imo  governorship  is  not  anchored  on  what  he  will  solely  gain  but  on  what  he  has  to  offer  to  the   people  of  Imo  State  in  ensuring  the  judicious  distribution  of  our  commonwealth  and  feeding  people  with  the  true  bread  of  democracy,  Barr  Humphery  Anumudu  also  thanked  every  body  that  attended  the  program  and  imo  people  for  accepting  him  whole  heartedly  and  promised  never  to  disappoint  them.

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