Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Four Reasons Why People Miss out In Opportunities

© Johnspeak Uwangue

Opportunities are the crucial stepping stones to the next levels in our careers and business. And we should always focus on keeping an eye out for opportunities and making the most of them when they arrive. But often opportunities slip by without us even noticing them, and we are not paying attention to what is causing us to miss them.
Today, I want to share with you just some of the many reasons why we keep missing opportunities from a different point of view.

Oftentimes, opportunities may come to us as a thief. They come in the form of stealing from us and people who always miss out on these kinds of opportunities are those who are always scared of losing. I keep telling people that the reason why the rich keeps getting richer is that the rich are not scared of using the money they have to get more money. They understand the concept that you use money to get more money. Meanwhile, the poor will always hold on to the little they have and not invest it because they always think that someone or an opportunity wants to steal away the little they have.

Have you ever told someone about an opportunity you have and they analyze and tell you that your idea or opportunity is too good to be true? This is another reason why most people lose out on great opportunities. Most people over analyze and over analyze until they over analyze themselves out of an opportunity that could have changed their lives forever. It’s good to always analyze an opportunity presented but always be careful not to over analyze yourself out of a great opportunity.
Sometime ago, my sister was looking for a model for her makeup business interview with one of the country’s leading newspaper. She had friends she could call for the job but she had to tell me about it before informing her friends who are into modeling. As I sat down to think about the concept, I remembered that a course mate of mine was into modeling. The truth is, I was never close to this course mate of mine; we were just the Hi and Hello kind of friends. I knew that she being featured on a top Nigerian newspaper will boost her modeling career and also give her something to brag about but another thought kept telling me not to give her the spotlight because she might not appreciate it.
But out of love to help grow someone’s career I informed her and she was super excited about it. The interview was done and her face was featured on the newspaper and that boosted her career and we became very good friends after that. My main point is that this lady has helped to grow my own career more than I helped grew her career.
Have you ever been told of an opportunity and you neglected it because it was going to take too long to produce results? I have had opportunities that were supposed to take longer time but manifested in a shorter time because I was dedicated to it. Because it took a longer time for someone else doesn’t mean it will take longer time for you. It’s just a matter of dedication and consistency.
Opportunities abound everywhere and opportunities not taken hold of will fly away and leave us to wait for another opportunity which may take longer time to come or might not came again. Every opportunity is an opportunity to grow to the next level in our businesses, careers, relationship, family, finance etc.
© Johnspeak Uwangue

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