Saturday, 3 November 2018

4 Leadership Traits The IMSU Eze-in-council Don't Tell You

IMSU traditional council dominated mostly by oral gurus who at one point may tell non-coronated members half the truth about what it takes to be a leader in the temporary absence of the SUG. 

Here are qualities you are less likely to hear them talk about:

  • Be ambitious for your organisation and yourself: Stretch yourself and your team to achieve more than ever; keep on learning and growing. Don't accept excuses, don't be a victim, take responsibility.

  • Working in vehicles: Leadership comes with responsibility[ies]. If you can not work in taxis and cars, you will waste more time than you can afford. Looking out of the window mindlessly is not good.

  • Work the politics: Find the right support and right mentors. Set expectations well, wake up to the reality of life.

  • Learn to speak well: As one elder told me: "Words are like gods: words create new world in someone's head. So use words well". Fluent speaking is a skill anyone can develop, with practice, over the years. And leaders must have this skill.

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