Friday, 19 October 2018

Top ten secrets of what you should do to get first class

Being a first class student is the hope and dream of everyone who goes to a tertiary institution, getting a first class honour in any university is not an easy task, there are some challenges you chase.
The only question is, do you have the power to overcome them and reach that desired goal?
We all want first class honour not only because of the lucrative jobs that comes with it, but the confidence and feelings of achievements that comes with graduates with best marks.

Here are the top ten secrets of what you should do to get first class.

1. Have a Personal relationship with God

2. Stay focused

3. Stay ahead of others in class

4. Attend classes

5. Associate with serious people

6. Find help if needed

7. Have a personal interest in your course

8. Have a study group or reading partner

9. Always try to know many things ( outside your course)

10. Make relationship a no go area.

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