Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Taliban Bomb Maker and Wife Killed After Bomb Accidentally Exploded In Their Home

A Taliban bomb maker, his wife and two children were killed as his device exploded prematurely in his home in
Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province on Monday , Provincial Police spokesman, Abdul-Karim Yurash said on Wednesday.
The two children killed were five and eight years old respectively.

The bomb had been intended to be used as a roadside bomb to target security convoys in the restive province, the official said via telephone from provincial capital Maimana.
Taliban militants, who are in control of parts of Faryab province and largely relied on suicide and roadside bombing, have not commented.
Similarly, Afghan authorities on Wednesday said that 56 drug-narcotics-related cases were exposed in the country within the past one month
Bomb maker, wife, two children killed in blast at home – Police
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“A Taliban mine maker, Mullah Sadrudin, was making a mine in his home in Garzewan district on Monday but the device exploded suddenly killing himself, his wife and two of his children on the spot,” Yurash said.

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