Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Sen. Uwajimogu comes for Governor Okorocha says his problem is Greed.

The political crisis within the Imo State All Progressives Congress (APC) continues as the Senator representing Imo North, Benjamin Uwajumogu, accuses governor Rochas Okorocha of being “greedy.”
The Senator traced the origin of the crisis in Imo state to the point when the governor became greedy with political offices and appointments.

In an exclusive interview with OrderPaper Nigeria , the former speaker of the Imo state House of Assembly revealed that while Okorocha started well, the governor deviated from his ambitious plan, which would have served the state well, and moved to dominate over the entire political structure of the state.

He said: “When he couldn’t control his greed. How can you have a situation where a governor would appoint Transition Committee Chairmen of Local governments, 27 of them [and]the governor would appoint all?
“Commissioners, he has one Commissioner from each local government and no reference to any stakeholder. As a senator, I couldn’t nominate anybody in the state for any position whatsoever, it had to be the governor.

“In 2019 elections, there are 42 positions to be contested for in Imo state [and they are] the 27 local government chairmen, 10 federal House of Representatives, three senators, and he wants to appoint everything. He wants his son-in-law to become governor. He wants to be senator, he wants his relations to occupy other positions. And even those of us who are senators, he doesn’t want us to return. If that is not greed, what else can we call it?”
In conclusion, he also accused Okorocha of misappropriating over N1.7trillion that was allocated to the state from the federation account, adding that the local governments have nothing to show for all the funds allocated to them.

“Over 1.7 trillion has passed through my state. My local government has received over a Billion Naira and you can’t see one covet. The only project they have built in my local government is a chapel and one IT centre which has not been completed for 8 years,” he revealed.

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