Sunday, 21 October 2018

See What Happens In Churches Today

You can't believe this,
It is just a common mistake
It happens everytime
I was full of surprises when I realized this
Trace it if you are a victim

The devil works every minute to stop you from making the kingdom of God
Even as you are in the church to render praises, thanks, worship to Him.
The devil comes with confusion, distraction, and fatigue to disconnect you from the  realm because he is afraid that the word you will hear might convert you totally to serve God. There is great powers in the word of God.

Now watch,
As you seat while preaching is going on, you will have strength but there will be distraction

As you rise to pray without distractions, the devil comes with fatigue

In time of fasting, he comes with taste and hunger for food.

When ever you witnessed this, all you have to do is to calm it with prayers.

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