Monday, 22 October 2018

Praying While Hoping On Something And Not Hoping In God

Though I might not be having some bible quotations to back this up, I will be contributing briefly on this case (why we do pray for prosperity when our hope is on someone else and not on God).
  For example, most people knew that their uncle,aunt,brother,sister,father,mother or any of their relations are in the position to help them establish any kind of business, they now go to God in prayers to ask for financial help as they continue to expect favour from any of their relatives not believing that God might decide to use another person unknown or not related to such to make a way.
  If anyone does this, it means your faith in God is not perfect or will I say it's not strong enough to carry on with God.
Let me explain more;
  A male university student that is in need of money to buy textbooks for studies may have an aunt that must have promised him $100 and maybe out of that $100, $80 will serve for his textbooks and $20 for his pocket money, and maybe later he may be in need of other things that cost $1000+$100 aside from that, now the aunt might not be in the position to give to him such amount of money. This may now drive the young man to the church where the pastor will be telling the members to ask God for their heart desires that HE is always willing to answer their prayers, then the young man will be like 'my aunt can only give me $100, what about the $1000, who shall give it to me?', for that reason, he might say the prayer for praying sake or he might not even pray again, why!?, his faith towards God is dead because he believed that it was only the aunt that is in the position for God to use in giving him that money.

Please my fellow brethren let us stop keeping that evil thoughts within our hearts, that spirit of disbelief, God can make a way where there is no way.

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