Thursday, 25 October 2018

Michigan Gymnastics Coach Arrested For Having Sex With Student.

An assistant coach for the University of Michigan gymnastics team was arrested earlier this month for having sex in public after officials say he nailed an 18-year-old member of the UM team in a car. 

The asst. coach is 39-year-old Scott Vetere -- a former stud gymnast back in the day who was the 2000 BIG 10 Gymnast of the Year. 

Officials say Vetere and a female gymnast were doing floor exercises in a car in the parking lot of an Ann Arbor apartment building on Oct. 8 ... when they were spotted by police and arrested for performing an indecent act in public. 

The female gymnast was also arrested. Both parties are due back in court next month. 

A rep for the University of Michigan confirmed Vetere was "immediately suspended" when the school learned of his arrest. 

He later resigned from his position and no longer works for the University.

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