Thursday, 4 October 2018

Is Bishop's Court The Best Alliance In IMSU?

One head doesn't contain all the wisdom in this earth. The case is not different with bishop's court alliance as it takes people of like mind to make the system work perfectly again. 

While many are oppressing their fellow students, others are looking out to restore the glory. Recently one of the age longed occupants of the alliance shared successful projects carried out in the alliance lately. 

He wrote; 

The road linking bishops court to amawire from the transformer, has been cleared and graded to enable easy access of the road by both motorist and cyclist - Courtesy of the management of Priemier secondary school Orji. 

The refuse dump around Ogidi junction, that has always been a serious problem for residence of the alliance whenever it rains has also been shifted "a little bit" from the road, to free the road "a little" and also aid free movement whenever it rains.  Courtesy of the Word of Life Miracle Ministries Church bishops court (arrangements are still on going for the permanent evacuation of the refuse dump).

Free malaria and hepatitis test held in Destiny Lodge in bishops court alliance last week for those that did not travel was a success. 

Thanks to the comrades of bishops court alliance who were on ground to see to the SUCCESS of these projects.

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