Monday, 1 October 2018

Mr. Universe Imo Model Drops Interesting Ways Nigerians Will Celebrate Independence Day

The 2017 winner of Mr Universe Imo Model, Brendan Ukachukwu has hinted ways Nigerians may mark the  independence anniversary. 

 Here are some of the different ways Nigerians are planning to mark the day. In celebrating Nigeria at 58, some citizens will mark the day in one or two of these interesting ways.

1. Going to recreation spots: Some Nigerians will go to different recreation centres come Independence day. This include going to the beach. Others will go to amusement parks with their children.

2. Sleep and rest Due to the stress some Nigerians pass through between Mondays and Fridays, they will use the public holiday declared for Independence to sleep. Such people will not leave their house.

3. Visitation: Nigerians love visiting themselves. Some people have not had the time to even say hello to their friends for some time now. The celebration will afford them to pay for this.

4. Engagement with social media: Lovers of social media like Facebook, Twitter and the rest will spend a good time chatting with their social media friends.

5. Partying: Nigerians love parties. It is not only when there are marriages, birthdays or naming ceremonies that Nigerians party. Some people will organise concerts and get together tomorrow to mark the Independence anniversary

6. Watching Television: People will not just listen to the president's speech or the march past, they will also watch different TV programmes to relax themselves.

Brendan Ukachukwu, Mr. Universe Imo Model 17/18.
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