Sunday, 21 October 2018

If You No Get Money Wetin You Gain?

Money is very important to solve most of our problems in life. Some do say 'money can buy all things'.
Money is power.
Money make your dreams come true. 
As they have said 'if you don't have money what do you gain?. 

Money is not really all as people might say. If money can buy all things, why can't it buy life.
There are two ways to make money;

1. The right way (cool money).
You will have to labour to get it, and when you have it, you will spend it wisely, you will have rest of mind and you can help others around you without any restrictions.
Your years on earth still remains intact.
Even if you don't have all you want, you will be satisfied with what you have.

2. The wrong way (blood money).
Your money comes as soon as you ready to listen and obey the commands of the devil which we all know that nothing good comes out of it. 
If it is not killing someone, it will be for you to sale your soul or other evil requests from the devil.
You will not have rest of mind,
The money you have, you will have to pretend to be enjoying it but there is no joy.
Your family and relatives will be in need but you can't be of help.

I would rather try hard, all I could to make it in the rightful way and if it didn't work, I wouldn't have to kill myself or anyone rather, I will thank God for I am alive today without any burdens. 

So the question is if you get money wetin you gain?
As for me, I gain life and happiness.
N/B All fingers are not equal. 

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