Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How To Withdraw Money From ATM (UBA)

By: Alexord

At First, insert your ATM card,
You will be advised to wait.

Secondly, your account name will display and you will be demanded of your security password.

Thirdly, choose among which you want to perform
Either withdrawal, inquiry, transfer, change pin, quick teller, etc. You have to select withdrawal since you are withdrawing.

Select the withdrawal account
Current, savings, credit.

Fifthly, a question asking you if you would like a receipt or not will come 👆.

Six, select the amount you want, if not listed, enter others and type in the amount you want.

Seventh, after dike Alexander typed in 1000 next was transaction in progress.

Eight, your cash will be out then you have to take it.

Ninth, You will be asked if you want to perform another transactions.

Select no and.....

Take your card

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