Saturday, 20 October 2018

How To Win Or Lose A Bet With Your 99% Happiness Intact. How To Predict Chelsea Vs Man U.

If you are a fan of any club, either Man u or Chelsea and you would like to gamble without loosing anything.

You would like to have your joy, money and good health stability, all you have to do is to....

For example, if you are a Chelsea fan and you really love Chelsea, you would give your money in exchange for Chelsea's victory, then you would have to gamble with a lot of money like betting $200000 to win $9000000, for which you should bet Man Utd to beat or draw Chelsea.

(This match is either a Champions League final or a Premier League Week 38)

That means that, if Chelsea should lose or draw the match you will have your $9000000 and if Chelsea Should win, you will have happiness for your team has won the Cup.

On both sides, you will lose nothing because, it is either you have $9000000 or you have happiness because your won the game.

As your team has the trophy, you will be happy because you were ready to forgone $200000 for your team's victory.

But,  I do not advice you to gamble or love your club.

Instead take good responsibilities and chear up any team that does well.

Allowing gamble to take over you (including your responsibilities) is a SIN.

May God help us all in Jesus name Amen.

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