Friday, 19 October 2018

How Friends Came To Be

If there is any union of FRIENDS, it is only one of them that wants it to be.

SORRY can make your enemy to become your friend.
Two different parties (A and B) that are in pursuit of a particular thing of the same interest were involved in exchange of offensive words which led one of them(A) to plan evil against the other(B), mean while the other party (B) wasn't a troublesome person, he went ahead and said SORRY (in form of letter of apology) to the party (A) for the evil words which he has made even if they were both wrong.
Because of that, the party A later proclaim to be the P. A. of the party B and they both became best friends and were successful.

They both gained the position unopposed reason because someone was ready to accept the blame of both.

Two best friends came to be just because one of them never wanted their disunity.

Before there is any friendship, there must be a request, and acceptance comes after determinations and approval.

What are these determinations?
Capability to accept anything that might come out of it which might be endurable or not.

The person that comes for the friendship might not be the person that needed it.

Don't think friends just came to be like that on its own but because someone was ready to endure and tolerate anything that will come up no matter what.

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