Monday, 22 October 2018

19 Year Nigerian female blogger buys 2 cars for her parents

A 19-year-old Nigerian blogger, Priscilla Emasoga, surprised her parents who according to her made sure she never lacked with two cars.

The 19-year-old Nigerian blogger who recounted how she was scammed in the past when she took up blogging as a career, wrote;

19 years ago they brought me into this world. They worked day and night to put food on the table and made sure I never lacked the necessary things in life.
Today am returning that Favour. Two new rides for my favorite people in this world. Thank you for taking care of me Mom and Dad 🙂🙂
Thank God for Grace

So many congratulations from friends and enemies.. too bad not everyone is here to celebrate with me. I miss you uncle 😢
You taught me so much as a kid. I still remember when you taught me how to ride a bike. I was so small, my legs couldn’t even touch the break. Too bad you ain’t here today. Death was just so cruel to snatch you away. I wish I grew up faster

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