Sunday, 23 September 2018

IMSU Best Comedian Wins 300k In Another State-Wide Comedy Contest

Imsu Elijah

Just one year after winning the IMSU best comedian Award, Augustine Egu popularly known as Mc ChinekeBoy a student of Imo State University has already won yet another statewide comedy contest. Mc ChinekeBoy is clearly on a winning streak having also won the 2018 Aba got talent competition with a whooping sum of Three Hundred Thousand Naira.

Mc ChinekeBoy topped a list of over 300 jokes, compiled by a panel of comedy critics, and then voted on by members of the public, who did not know the identity of the comedians

During an interview, the 300L statistics student and I discussed what he plans to do with the 300k, how he felt about his championship and more.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget Imo Media and Entertainers Summit is slated Oct. 4th.

As regards to your landslide victory.. Were you surprised that you won?

I didn't see it coming but I think its part of God's Promises in my life.

I guess it's kind of hard for you to judge how you did compared to the other comedians, right?

Well, yes.... Because I saw and met good comedians there... But I was prepared knowing that all of them did. As well.

A lot of the comedians I know, as soon as they finish a set, they immediately think of a word they missed or a botched transition from one joke to the next or something else they think went wrong. Did you have that in your head or were you pretty pleased with your set in the finals?

I was shocked, their performances were better than other days bcos it started since Feb./March.... so i was tensed... But I was so confident... mm yeah

That's so interesting... On a final note, what do you intend doing with the cash prize?

Getting my video camera which I already booked 2 weeks ago with faith.... A little give away to my fans and buckle up with business and my Comedy skit shooting..

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