Friday, 7 September 2018

An Open Disclaimer To Scammers Struggling To Find Their Way

A fake account posted an information on Facebook saying that the school admission list is out. The real and authentic 'Imsu Elijah' have come out to distance self from that post with the warning that the public should not accept any message or request coming from that account. 

He wrote 

"My attention have been drawn to a purported post on Facebook being circulated with a fake profile that the school admission/merit list is out. The information is not only false but coming from a swindler with bad motives who cloned my Facebook name and picture trying to sabotage my effort over the years in maintaining a well informed atmosphere. 

The said post lacks merit and doesn't command the strong and detailed words my posts are known for over time. 

I have raised alarm more than twice earlier before now where I dissociated myself and pointed clearly that I have absolutely nothing to do with that account. Why would someone create a fake account with my name and picture trying to mock and swing the ball against my tide remains the unanswered question bordering my mind since last year when the account was discovered and disclaimed. The person in question immediately blocked me on Facebook when he discovered my moves to unmask him.

The general public should disregard any message coming from that fake account and always verify the authenticity of all information from the official website www.imsugist. com 
I rephrase again that I have absolutely nothing to do with the cloned account. My real handle remains @Imsu Elijah. Always visit our official website www.imsugist. com to verify any information. 

The general public is warned. Please friends help me also report the account to Facebook. Thanks

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